Aireworth Dogs in Need

By taking part in this weekly lottery you are helping us to continue to rescue the needy dogs in this area.

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Animal Care

Our charity is open 365 days a year and visitors are welcome between 11.00 am and 3.00pm. If you plan to visit at busy times (weekends, Bank Holidays) please ring 01524 65495 for an appointment. We offer our animals the very best care, nutrition and veterinary treatment which all cost a great deal. By joining this Lottery you can help ensure that we can maintain and develop these facilities and services.

In addition to finance we would find it difficult to run Animal care without the help of our volunteers who help exercise the dogs, work in the cattery and in fundraising etc. Our dogs love to run free in the paddock, the cats love a cuddle, and the small animals need care and our volunteers assist with these activities. Re-homing is one of our priorities, and this must be thorough to ensure our animals go to suitable homes. Even with the help of our excellent volunteers, this work, food, vet charges, energy, water etc costs a substantial amount, and your continued support is really important.

Every £1 paid into this Lottery results in a donation of 50p to animal care - and YOU might win £25,000.

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Animal Health Trust

The Animal Health Trust exists to fight disease and injury in animals.

We have two referral clinics: one for dogs and cats, the other for horses. Our dedicated vets work tirelessly to diagnose your animal's condition and find ways to treat them.

In our laboratories our scientists investigate life threatening conditions to stop them from happening and, where we can, cure them.

We are committed to education. The knowledge we gain we share internationally to benefit dogs, cats and horses all around the world.

Every penny of profit raised through treating animals in our clinics, goes straight back into developing new diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines to help thousands more animals. Nearly all dogs, cats and horses in the UK will have benefited from our work – that includes your pets and those of your family and friends.

As a charity we do not receive government funding and rely on donations from the public to carry out our vital work. We cannot continue to help animals – now and in the future – without the support of people like you. With your help we can create a better future for our much-loved companions.

Animal Health Trust logo

Animal Rescue Cumbria

Animal Rescue Cumbria, called The Wainwright Shelter after our benefactor, well-known walker and writer Alfred Wainwright, who generously donated royalties from his books right up until his death in 1991, to ensure ongoing support for the cats and dogs in our care. However, since his death we have been completely dependent on legacies and donations and are extremely grateful to all those who continue to help us in this way. We use the maximum possible from all donations and legacies for our animals.

From humble beginnings in 1972, our staff and volunteers provide dedicated year round care in an exemplary shelter where the animals' needs come first. Strict homing policies ensure all animals are well placed when they leave us.

By far our biggest expense is our vet bill with the minimum cost of preparing a cat for adoption currently £110.52 and for a dog £112.98. This can be higher if some animals need more treatment than others.

All our cats are blood tested for Feline Aids and Feline Leukaemia, vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped, flea treated and wormed and our dogs are all given a health check, vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped, flea treated and wormed before they leave us.

Animal Rescue Cumbria logo

Birtle & Rochdale Riding for Special Needs

We are a dedicated charity offering horse riding for disabled adults and children from the local community.

All our helpers and volunteers and we rely completely on donations and grants to fund our activities. Riding benefits those that take part in a number of ways. Physically, as they will be using muscle groups that may not have been used for some time and also often it builds confidence and the ability to listen and take instruction. Importantly it can also help them to feel a parity with able bodied people who ride, which builds self esteem.

Our riders take part in hacks out in the countryside if weather permits and if not we have an indoor school where they can learn simple movements on their ponies.

We also organise a gymkhana which is very popular as it gives them the chance to be involved in fun games and parents and family can come along to support and cheer them on.

We have been offering this service since 2004 and we believe we are the only organisation of this type in the local area. We aim to offer a fun activity in a controlled and safe environment and are very grateful for your support.

Birtle & Rochdale Riding for Special Needs logo

Brent Lodge Wildelife Hospital

Play our lottery from as little as £1 per week and be in with a chance of winning significant cash prizes. We care for over 3,000 birds and animals each year and playing our lottery for as little as £1 per week will make a real difference for local wildlife.

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital provides care and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife casualties each year. Our aim is to treat, rehabilitate and release wildlife back into the wild. Your support is critical; with ever-increasing costs, we need your help more than ever to help us care for wildlife.

Many of our patients are victims of the actions of mankind. Our patients include road accidents casualties, victims of poisoning and environmental damage.

Our aim is to redress the balance and provide care, treatment and rehabilitation so they can be released back to the wild, where they belong.

With your support by taking part in this lottery, not only can you win a small fortune you'll be helping to provide funds for this care, in which we truly are grateful.

Join up online through the Unity Lottery website. At least 50p in every pound comes straight to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital and will directly benefit the animals and birds that we care for.

Brent Lodge Wildelife Hospital logo

British Trust for Ornithology

The BTO collects, analyses, interprets and delivers the scientific information that underpins conservation action, halting declines, and restoring populations of birds and other wildlife. It does this through its effective partnership of volunteers and paid professionals. Being independent and non-campaigning means our work is highly respected and widely used.

British Trust for Ornithology logo

Cheltenham Animal Shelter

We rely on the support of people like you to help us look after approximately 1000 dogs, cats and small animals at a cost of almost £500,000.00 each year.


The mission of Gloucestershire Animal Welfare Association and Cheltenham Animal Shelter is:

“to provide shelter for homeless domestic animals from across the county whilst attempting to locate appropriate new homes. We also aim to educate members of the public and professionals in correct and appropriate animal husbandry through education programmes”.

Cheltenham Animal Shelter logo

Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home

The new Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home (CDCH) is being developed by RSPCA South Cotswolds to be a centre of excellence in the care and treatment of abused, neglected and abandoned animals. It will enable the charity to triple the number of animals that it currently cares for as well as providing a focus for animal welfare in the community.

Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home logo

Essex Wildlife Trust

Essex Wildlife Trust is the country's leading conservation charity. It has more than 36,500 members, manages and protects over 8,400 acres of land on 87 nature reserves, 2 nature parks and runs 11 visitor centres. The aim of Essex Wildlife Trust is to protect wildlife for the future and for the people of Essex.

Essex Wildlife Trust logo

Farplace Animal Rescue

Farplace Animal Rescue helps animals rejected elsewhere like Beauty, pictured below, a wonderful dog abandoned over the moors with advanced cancer. We controlled her pain and gave her love and play for her last days. We take in feral cats with feline Aids ( FIV+) and many other animals rejected elsewhere and we hope to expand to other parts of Europe soon.

Sign up above to help more animals.

Farplace Animal Rescue logo

Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels

Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels (FoBCK) was formed in response to a massive public petition demanding better facilities for Wirral's homeless dogs.

Many dogs find themselves at the council kennels, not because they are bad or dangerous but because, through circumstances, they have no owner.

FoBCK volunteers together with Kennel staff help to feed and care for them - but we can't take them all home.

The 36 available kennel spaces are often full and when space is tight and more dogs are coming in, there is no choice but to put the animals to sleep - placing even greater emphasis on the urgent need to re-home dogs.

By joining our lottery, you will be helping us to improve both the care and future prospects for Wirral's many abandoned and homeless dogs.

In the short term we are helping to improve the existing facilities and promote adoptions.

Our long term goal is to relocate the kennels to a place where the dogs can have comfortable indoor and outdoor runs and access to outside space for exercise and play.

Your support helps us to provide improved facilities and help as many homeless dogs as possible find their forever home.

Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels logo

HorseWorld Trust

HorseWorld situated in Whitchurch, Bristol is one of the leading equine charities, rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses, ponies and donkies since 1952.

Originally set up to save working horses and ponies from needless slaughter, now the majority of animals come to HorseWorld after being abandoned, mistreated or neglected. Our trained staff nurse them back to health, rehabilitate them and find suitable loan homes where they can continue to receive love and care.

Some go on to help in our Discovery courses which support vulnerable young people through an innovative equine assisted learning programme. Bringing horses together with young people who have physical or emotional disorders can have startling results.

Young people demonstrating autistic behaviour or ADHD often struggle to communicate, but by putting them with horses they can learn about themselves, other people and can interact positively with the world.

It can be seen that young people who may have difficulty controlling their impulses can focus on the horse for long periods while grooming or leading the animal.

These may be children who would be unable to concentrate for so long on anything else.

Withdrawn children may begin to express themselves and develop new words or gestures not previously used.

HorseWorld Trust logo

Hunt Saboteurs Association

The HSA is the only organisation that works directly in the field to protect wildlife from the hunters.

Despite the hunting ban in 2005 hunting with hounds continues.

Each week the HSA puts people in the field to protect our native wildlife.

Hunt Saboteurs Association logo

K9 Rescue

K9 Rescue is a UK registered charity dedicated to creating a better future for dogs in need. The support we provide is funded entirely by the generosity of animal lovers worldwide.

K9 Rescue logo


Every penny raised will help save another life.

K9focus logo

Leicester Animal Aid

Leicester Animal Aid provides a second chance for abandoned, neglected or unwanted dogs and cats. Based in Huncote, Leicester Animal Aid was established in 1956 and rescues and re-homes over 500 cats and dogs each year. The physical and mental well-being of our animals is very important to us. In addition to receiving all the necessary vetinary treatments, each and every dog and cat receives one-to-one attention from our staff and volunteers in purpose built heated accommodation. Our focus is on quality of care specific to enrichment which includes: exercise and socialisation, training, rehabilitation and playtime in our specially adapted copse and paddocks. Interactive toys and Tellington Touch massage helps engage pets and keep them entertained and relaxed.

We do not receive government funding or lottery grants and rely entirely on the gererosity of the general public and local businesses to help raise the £32,000 needed each month to continue to care for the dogs and cats who need us.

By playing the lottery with LAA you are helping us to care for the dogs and cats until they find their purr-fect, tail-waggingly fantastic forever homes where they will be loved (perhaps for the first time in their lives).

Leicester Animal Aid logo

National Animal Welfare Trust

At The National Animal Welfare Trust we have established ourselves over the last 44 years as the animal welfare charity that never stops caring, and demand for our work continues to grow. We operate five centres across the south of England, rescuing and rehoming up to 1800 animals a year. Whether you already own a pet or are looking for a new companion, we're here to help with useful tips, advice and support.

Your support is so important to us because we simply couldn't continue our work without the kind support of people like you. As a charity, the National Animal Welfare Trust doesn't receive any government funding so the animals in our care rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters and the love and dedication of our staff and volunteers.

Our charity lottery is a fantastic way to generate funds for NAWT because you're in with a great chance of winning a prize of up to £25,000 whilst also donating a guaranteed 50% of your entry fee towards supporting the welfare and the future of our animals.

Thanks for considering us; it truly is appreciated by everyone here at NAWT.

National Animal Welfare Trust logo

Oak Tree Animals' Charity

Every year we help hundreds of animals in need through our rehoming and community outreach programmes; offering up-to-date advice, education and pro-active assistance to promote responsible pet ownership. Our services constantly evolve to respond to the needs of our community and its animals, and we aim to ensure they are accessible to all.

Please join our lottery: we are incredibly lucky to have such loyal and generous supporters who, like us, are passionate about the work we do. Our need for funds will never go away and we are totally reliant on the generosity of our supporters, receiving no government or lottery funding. Please visit to find out more about our work and exciting plans – an exciting journey we would love you to accompany us on.

By entering our Lottery, you can play a vital part in ensuring we can continue our work. You could win big too! Thank you.

Oak Tree Animals' Charity logo

Oakwood Dog Rescue

From humble beginnings in 2009 we have grown considerably, rehoming over 700 dogs so far. We do everything in our power to help dogs find a new home regardless of how long it can sometimes take. We try to help all dogs regardless of their history, size, breed or colour and even those with missing bits! For us every dog is worthy of a second chance and our team work tirelessly to help rehabilitate dogs who need some extra care and attention they wouldn't get at many rescues centres.

We can now accommodate up to 40 dogs, however, as our centre has grown in size so too have our costs. We have seen a massive increase in our rent, utility and veterinary bills, and the list of costs is endless! We even faced closure back in 2015 due to lack of funds. Thankfully the public got behind us and saved our rescue. Unfortunately we get no large scale or government funding and sadly we have no savings or contingency funds to fall back on, we only have enough money to run month to month. By joining our lottery you will be directly helping our dogs find new loving forever homes.

Oakwood Dog Rescue logo

Racing Welfare

We help people, in times of need, who work or have worked in the British horseracing and breeding industry. We support, enable and enhance the lives of the 70,000 people who are the backbone of the racing industry.

How we help

  • A team of experienced welfare officers based throughout the UK
  • Mobility aids for the disabled and the elderly
  • Assistance, re-training and counselling for those injured or disabled
  • Over 150 quality homes for the elderly or those first entering racing
  • An award-winning 24/7 helpline.
  • Life-skills programmes for all young people entering the industry
  • Holidays and outings for the elderly
  • Sports & activity funding

Racing Welfare is there for stable and stud staff, groundsmen, stalls handlers, officials and many others - these are the people who make your day at the races.

Racing Welfare logo

Rain Rescue

Rain Rescue exists for the animal who has nobody else.

Founded in 2002, our charity has saved the lives of thousands of dogs and cats most at risk in and around Yorkshire.

Our rescue centre provides the space and support needed for these abandoned animals to recover, thrive and find a loving new home.

We see the beautiful animal that is sometimes hidden under layers of pain and neglect, and match them with the owners they deserve.

Rain Rescue logo

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

At Raystede we believe that every animal deserves to live a happy life free from cruelty and suffering. We rescue, rehome and provide sanctuary to more than 2000 animals each year.

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare logo

Romanian Rescue Appeal

Romanian Rescue Appeal was started in 2014 to care for dogs rescued from the streets and public shelters of Romania, where they suffer all sorts of abuse and violence. We operate 4 private shelters in different locations where our BEAUTIFUL DOGS are provided with food, vetinary care, and protection from a world that's them down for no fault of their own.

Our volunteers receive and assess applications from prospective adopters and fosterers in the UK and work hard to find each dog a lovely and safe forever-home over here. The constant turnover allows us to rescue more and more dogs from the unfortunate end they would encounter in Romania.

The charity has been running on generous donations since its start and in order to continue operating and help more dogs meet loving new owners, it needs YOUR HELP. By registering for the Unity Lottery, you can buy tickets every week and have a 1 in 63 chance to win a prize every week including A FABULOUS £25,000 JACKPOT!


Romanian Rescue Appeal logo

RSPCA Bury, Oldham & District Branch

We have bought a building and piece of land on the edge of a country park on the outskirts of Oldham Town Centre, that will become our new animal shelter.

Our new shelter will have a greater capacity for cats & dogs and is in a better location to help animals with their rehabilitation before going to their new furr-ever homes.

The building requires extensive conversion work for it to reach our high standards of animal care. The total cost of the project is in the region £1.5 millionand we need to raise an additional £200,000.

We are hoping that our supporters will help us reach our fund raising total by playing the lottery, which will give you the chance of winning £25,000 and our charity will receive support in raising the initial building funds, and in the longer term, support the ongoing running of our animal shelter.

Good luck in supporting our lottery!

RSPCA Bury, Oldham & District Branch logo

RSPCA Milton Keynes & North Bucks

We help to rescue and re-home cats and small animals in the area. We are a separately registered branch of the RSPCA and rely on the generous support of the public and businesses to help us to continue our vital work of helping animals in need.

The team consists of a dedicated group of volunteers who work for the welfare and benefit of the animals. Every year we help hundreds of animals in need or distress.

Without your help we cannot continue to provide loving care for injured or unwanted animals. Please help us continue to grow so that we can provide even more animals the care that they need.

RSPCA Milton Keynes & North Bucks logo

The Aspinall Foundation

The Aspinall Foundation was established as a registered charity in 1984. John Aspinall, the founder, dreamed of returning rare and endangered animals back to their natural habitats.

Our commitment is to conservation through habitat protection, reintroduction, captive breeding, and education. We are working in some of the world's most fragile environments to save endangered animals and return them to the wild. We work to protect wildlife from all threats, and their habitats from destruction. We also work with communities to reforest areas where habits have been destroyed.

The Foundation successfully manages conservation programmes across Asia and Africa. Our mission is to enable animals to live in the wild through a combination of reintroducing wild-born animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and repatriating UK-bred to their native homelands – this includes 8 black rhino, 120 Javan langurs, 42 Javan gibbon, 11 European bison and over 70 Western lowland gorillas. In Madagascar, our work with greater bamboo lemurs has helped remove them from the Critically Endangered list, taking a population of less than 100 to over 1000 in just 10 years as well as helping many other Madagascan animals to thrive.

The Aspinall Foundation works in conjunction with Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks in Kent which lead the way in animal care, enclosure design, enrichment and breeding success and are designed to be breeding sanctuaries for some of the world's most rare and endangered animals.

The Aspinall Foundation logo

The Gorilla Organisation

Right now, the gorillas are facing an extremely serious crisis.

Once they roamed in healthy numbers through the forests of Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo. But over the last century their population has been devastated; today, there are just 880 mountain gorillas left alive.

Our plan is to stabilise the mountain gorilla population by helping to increase the mountain gorilla population by helping to increase their numbers from 880 to 1,000 by 2018. You can help us to achieve this by entering our lottery for just £1 a week.

The Gorilla Organisation logo

The Owl Sanctuary

The Owl Sanctuary objectives are:

  • Practical research
  • Carrying out education and research to improve our understanding of these special birds
  • Helping children to understand owls and their role in the natural world
  • Education and research to improve our understanding of these special birds
  • Helping children to understand owls and their role in the natural world

By participating in this lottery you help WOW and get the chance to win cash for yourself.

The Owl Sanctuary logo

The Westie Rescue Scheme

We are dedicated to finding permanent homes for West Highland White Terriers who are in need of rescuing or rehousing. We also offer help, advice and support on all matters concerning Westies.

We are totally committed to the health and wellbeing of all Westies who enter into our care. This is accomplished through our dedicated and integrated national support network consisting of trained volunteers who provide help and advice on all matters concerning Westies.

The Westie Rescue Scheme logo

WECare Worldwide

We encounter animals with horrific and life-threatening injuries on a daily basis - by playing our weekly lottery, YOU help us stop this suffering - THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

WECare Worldwide logo

Wildlife Trust BCN

The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire works to make our three counties a place where nature can flourish and enrich the lives of the people who live here. With your help, we care for local wildlife and more than 100 nature reserves. Playing our lottery will make a real difference for local wildlife.

Wildlife Trust BCN logo

Willows Animal Sanctuary

Help support a local charity that provides sanctuary to over 500 animals and provides theraputic placements for vulnerable people.

Willows Animal Sanctuary logo

World Ape Fund

The World Ape Fund helps to raise funds that are desperately needed to help great apes survive in the wild. Your support especially helps injured and sick orphan infants who have been rescued from the pet trade.

World Ape Fund logo

Zoological Society of East Anglia

The Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA) was founded in 2013 within East Anglia in order to promote worldwide animal conservation.

The society's objectives are focused on the conservation of some of the world's most endangered animals as well as providing education and promotion of knowledge and information about them.

Our Conservation work takes place both overseas and within the two Zoological Parks we support, Banham Zoo & Africa Alive!.

We successfully breed endangered, vulnerable and rare animals including Siberian Tigers, Grevy's Zebra, Snow Leopards and have had successes in our Vulture breeding programme.

The work we fund overseas has led to breakthroughs, such as specially protected areas for Snow Leopards in Mongolia - something that will make a huge difference to the conservation of this iconic species.

The animals we support rely, categorically, on the support of communities and societies around the world. Unlike other areas of international charity work, animal and environmental conservation cannot rely on government funding to succeed, we need your support.

Zoological Society of East Anglia logo

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