Aireworth Dogs in Need

By taking part in this weekly lottery you are helping us to continue to rescue the needy dogs in this area.

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Alley Cats & Kittens

Alley Cats and Kittens is a not-for-profit cat rescue group, set up and run by volunteers. We aim to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats and kittens in crisis:

Our primary focus is to trap, neuter and return or relocate stray and feral cats and kittens. Operating mainly in the Northwest area, covering Southport, Preston, Skelmersdale and surrounding areas.

We work within the community to better manage both feral and stray cat populations by educating and supporting the public and landowners with regard to neutering.

We provide help and support for sick and injured cats and kittens, supplying appropriate and necessary veterinary treatment to all in our care.
Where possible, we facilitate the rehoming of unwanted cats and kittens and have volunteer fosterers who care for these animals until new homes can be found.

We work alongside other rescue groups to enable help for urgent or at-risk cats and endeavour to promote a better understanding of the importance of neutering, microchipping and overall wellbeing for all cats and kittens.

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Animal Care

Our charity is open 365 days a year and visitors are welcome between 11.00 am and 3.00pm. If you plan to visit at busy times (weekends, Bank Holidays) please ring 01524 65495 for an appointment. We offer our animals the very best care, nutrition and veterinary treatment which all cost a great deal. By joining this Lottery you can help ensure that we can maintain and develop these facilities and services.

In addition to finance we would find it difficult to run Animal care without the help of our volunteers who help exercise the dogs, work in the cattery and in fundraising etc. Our dogs love to run free in the paddock, the cats love a cuddle, and the small animals need care and our volunteers assist with these activities. Re-homing is one of our priorities, and this must be thorough to ensure our animals go to suitable homes. Even with the help of our excellent volunteers, this work, food, vet charges, energy, water etc costs a substantial amount, and your continued support is really important.

Every £1 paid into this Lottery results in a donation of 50p to animal care - and YOU might win £25,000.

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Animal Concern Cumbria

Established in 1970’s, here is an exciting way to support a small, local Charity.

Animal Concern Cumbria are dedicated to helping and supporting animals in need regardless of their history, breed or age. As a Charity, we do not receive government funding or support, relying on your generous donations helping animals in our care. This ranges from vet bills to enrichment and running costs.

By entering our lottery, you can help us continue to give animals in our care the best life possible, all with the chance of winning big yourself. Your kind donations have enabled our team to help hundreds of animals get caring, loving homes and have been able to continue to support our local community with up-to-date training, advice and support.

Thank you for your support.

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Animal Defenders International

Animal Defenders International is an animal protection organisation founded in 1990 and with offices in the UK, USA and Colombia.

We investigate and expose suffering; educate and inform the public, media, and officials; and our evidence-based approach helps to change attitudes and laws to save lives.

We campaign against animals being used in entertainment, experimented on, tormented and hunted for sport, trafficked and traded alive and for their body parts, killed for fashion, and more.

We rescue and care for neglected and abused wild animals and specialise in working with governments on large-scale operations to empty industries of suffering animals.

Our ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa provides a refuge for ex-circus rescued lions and tigers, saved following nationwide bans on their use.

With your support, we can do more to help animals in need.

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Animal Free Research UK

Animal Free Research UK has a 50-year history of uniting animal-loving communities and scientists to drive research forward without animal suffering.
We’ve given over £10M in grants to projects advancing development of human relevant research for diseases including cancer, diabetes and Covid-19.
Our ambition to end the suffering of animals is heartfelt and unswerving, and by pioneering excellence, inspiring and supporting scientists, and influencing change, we can create a world where human diseases are cured faster without animal suffering.
Latest Home Office statistics confirm that there were over 3 million experiments on animals in British laboratories in 2021 alone. A shameful reliance on outdated animal research, despite there being fundamental differences between humans and animals.
Animal experiments are not, and can never be, a reliable way to research human disease.
By joining Unity Lottery for Animal Free Research UK you will help fund pioneering projects that will show that animal free research is the solution to curing human diseases – and finally end animal suffering in laboratories.

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Animal Rescue Cumbria

Animal Rescue Cumbria, called The Wainwright Shelter after our benefactor, well-known walker and writer Alfred Wainwright, who generously donated royalties from his books right up until his death in 1991, to ensure ongoing support for the cats and dogs in our care. However, since his death we have been completely dependent on legacies and donations and are extremely grateful to all those who continue to help us in this way. We use the maximum possible from all donations and legacies for our animals.

From humble beginnings in 1972, our staff and volunteers provide dedicated year round care in an exemplary shelter where the animals' needs come first. Strict homing policies ensure all animals are well placed when they leave us.

By far our biggest expense is our vet bill with the minimum cost of preparing a cat for adoption currently £110.52 and for a dog £112.98. This can be higher if some animals need more treatment than others.

All our cats are blood tested for Feline Aids and Feline Leukaemia, vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped, flea treated and wormed and our dogs are all given a health check, vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped, flea treated and wormed before they leave us.

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Autism Dogs Charity

Playing our weekly lottery is an exciting way to support our work. It helps us to train more life changing assistance dogs, plus you could win one of our great prizes!

Every £1 line you play brings us closer to our goal of providing life changing assistance dogs to as many autistic people as possible.

Every dog we train is not just a pet, but a lifeline to someone. These amazing dogs help their handler to cope with challenges, manage their anxiety, grow in confidence, interact with others, and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. They also provide a comforting presence that is truly transformative.

A lottery is a fun and engaging way for Autism Dogs Charity to raise funds. For every £1 played, at least 50p comes straight to us, and the other 50p is split between the prize pot and administration costs. Entering is easy and for as little as £1 per week you will have the chance to win up to £25,000.

The more you play, the more you'll help and the more chances you'll have to win a fantastic prize!

Thanks again for your generous support, it really does make a difference in helping autistic people and their families.

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Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust

Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust is one of 46 independent Wildlife Trusts working for nature’s recovery.

We've been working to protect, restore and create natural spaces across Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton since 1980 and we want everyone to have an equal opportunity to access nature in their daily lives.
We're working for a wilder Birmingham and Black Country and have ambitious goals to help nature recover. By 2030 we want to see 30% of our landscape managed for the benefit of wildlife, 1 in 4 people taking action for nature and 500 hectares of land to be improved for nature through natural solutions to tackle the ecological and climate crises.

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Birmingham Dogs Home

Birmingham Dogs Home has been helping to Rescue, Reunite and Rehome stray and abandoned dogs since 1892.

Over 2,500 dogs needed our help last year across the West Midlands and South Staffordshire areas. With no government funding we rely solely on the generosity of the general public to continue our vital work.

We help provide a caring and safe environment for every dog that needs our support and helping homeless dogs find happier tomorrows…with your help.

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Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Win for Wildlife and play our lottery from as little as £1 a week- with 50p in every £1 raised going directly to help wildlife in our care and a chance of winning significant cash prizes of up to £25,000.

We provide care and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife casualties each year - with the aim to treat, rehabilitate and release wildlife back into their natural habitats. Your support is critical; with ever-increasing costs, we need your help more than ever to help care for wildlife.

*At least 50% of funds raised from our lottery proceeds is used on supporting our work at Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. A further 18.4% is used by Unity Lottery on prizes and 31.6% on the administration of the lottery. A Random Number Generator is used to pick a winning number sequence, and a range of prizes is available for matching 3, 4, 5 or 6 digits. You have a 1 in 63 likelihood of winning so not only are helping a worthy cause but you are in with a chance of winning significant cash prizes.

If you match 6 digits you’ll win £25,000 plus a £2,500 donation to our cause, match 5 digits you’ll win £1,000, match 4 digits you’ll win £25 and if you match 3 digits you’ll win 5 Entries into the Next Draw.

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British Hen Welfare Trust

At its core, the British Hen Welfare Trust’s work aims to improve the lives of laying hens, both within the commercial sector and for those lucky birds who are rehomed with a loving family.

Founded in 2005 by Jane Howorth MBE, the charity has to date rehomed more than 900,000 hens who were otherwise destined for slaughter.

However, from what began as a rehoming charity, the BHWT has gone on to achieve so much more and is now considered an important voice within the commercial egg laying industry and among pet hen owners.

Not content with rehoming tens of thousands of hens each year, Jane made it her mission to influence the general public’s shopping baskets which, in turn, directly impacted welfare conditions for egg laying hens, and still does today.

In addition, she soon realised that the healthcare pet hens were being offered once out of the commercial system was severely lacking, and so was born the charity’s improving pet hen health project.

A free six-week poultry course, created in collaboration with the University of Nottingham, is now available for vets and pet hen keepers alike, and on the way is a Poultry Veterinary Guide which can be used in vet clinics across the UK to directly improve pet hen treatments.

Hen keepers who may need advice on any aspect of hen keeping, from healthcare to housing, can call the BHWT’s free Hen Helpline and speak to one of its experienced team members for support.

Helping hens isn’t just limited to those in the UK however; the charity branched out in 2020 and now has a sister charity in France which has to date rehomed over 32,000 hens. In addition, the BHWT is often included in international press coverage, and its website regularly has visitors from across the world.

British Hen Welfare Trust logo

British Trust for Ornithology

The BTO collects, analyses, interprets and delivers the scientific information that underpins conservation action, halting declines, and restoring populations of birds and other wildlife. It does this through its effective partnership of volunteers and paid professionals. Being independent and non-campaigning means our work is highly respected and widely used.

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Bulldog Rescue

The Bulldog Lottery helps the Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust be there for every bulldog we are asked to help. Founded in 1978 it has been there for thousands of bulldogs.

Help us keep going by joining The Bulldog Lottery today.

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Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Cheltenham Animal Shelter has been helping animals in need since 1926. On average we have 70 pets in our care each day and see around 650 cats, dogs and small animals come through our doors every year.

We receive no government or National Lottery funding so rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters to continue our vital work. By playing our weekly lottery you will help us to provide food, shelter, love and veterinary care to more pets who need us.

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Clymping Dog Sanctuary

Clymping Dog Sanctuary has been rescuing and rehoming dogs for over 70 years. Every penny we raise through your donations is spent on rescuing, treating and rehoming dogs in need.

We are a small rescue and we are always busy, we never put a healthy dog down and believe passionately that every dog deserves a place to call home and somebody to love them.

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Cornwall Wildlife Trust

For more than 60 years, Cornwall Wildlife Trust has been working to protect Cornwall’s wildlife and wild places. Our vision is of a Cornwall where nature thrives. Where currently rare and threatened species are once again a normal part of our countryside, skies, and seas. Where children grow-up surrounded by wildlife. And where we’re all connecting with and taking action for nature – benefiting our health and wellbeing, and ensuring a future for nature in Cornwall.

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Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home

The new Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home (CDCH) is being developed by RSPCA South Cotswolds to be a centre of excellence in the care and treatment of abused, neglected and abandoned animals. It will enable the charity to triple the number of animals that it currently cares for as well as providing a focus for animal welfare in the community.

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Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Cuan Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds. We are the only wildlife rescue centre in Shropshire to offer a round-the-clock service.

As well as our day-to-day work looking after the county’s wild creatures, we also aim to:

*Educate of the public in the care and rehabilitation of wildlife
*Undertake research and advise other organisations in the field of wildlife

The charity started in 1990 and has grown steadily over the years, with purpose-built facilities to meet the needs of any wildlife casualty that may come into our care.

Each year we admit and treat around 6,000 creatures and need to raise £358,000 for day-to-day running costs. On admission, every patient receives immediate first aid such as pain relief, treatment for shock, fluid therapy, wound management or antibiotics. Some then have further veterinary treatment.
The dedication and commitment to treating the many different species of wildlife we bring them ensures seriously injured creatures have the best possible chance of recovery.

Once they’re well enough, the creatures we look after are always returned to the wild. Adults, particularly, will be released where they were found – they may have a mate waiting and will be returned to familiar territory.

Our primary goal is always to give the creatures a second chance at life.

Cuan Wildlife Rescue logo

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust are a small charity with big ideas. From surveying bumblebee numbers out in the field to taking toddlers on their first ever mini-beast hunt - our work spans from conservation at its most scientific right through to a child's first experience in nature.

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East Sussex Wildlife Rescue

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (East Sussex WRAS) is an award-winning community charity established in 1996.

The charity has grown from a one-man band to a registered charity with a small fleet of veterinary ambulances and a veterinary hospital capable of caring for around 300 casualties at any one time.

The charity has 5 veterinary ambulances, two technical rescue transits, two response ambulance cars and 1 patient transport vehicle for moving animals to off-site pens or transportation to specialist centres.

Our Veterinary Hospital is registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a Veterinary Premises so we can order and hold our own supply of veterinary medicine. This is used by our Care Team and Veterinary Surgeons to provide humane and respectful treat to all wildlife casualties abiding by the Animal Welfare Act.

The charity now deals with around 4-5000 casualties every year.

There is a crisis in East Sussex as more and more rescue organisation close down, meaning our charities workload is every increasing and the demand on our service ever growing. It is difficult to keep up with the demand, but with your help and support we can make this happen and secure the future of our precious local wildlife.

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Farplace Animal Rescue

Farplace Animal Rescue helps animals rejected elsewhere like Beauty, pictured below, a wonderful dog abandoned over the moors with advanced cancer. We controlled her pain and gave her love and play for her last days. We take in feral cats with feline Aids ( FIV+) and many other animals rejected elsewhere and we hope to expand to other parts of Europe soon.

Sign up above to help more animals.

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Feline and Wildlife Rescue Nottingham

Feline and Wildlife (FAW) Rescue Nottingham was co-founded by registered veterinary nurses who saw the demand for rescue spaces for stray and unwanted cats, and for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. We have since expanded our team to include many cat fosterers and several experienced wildlife rehabilitators, in addition to many fundraisers and transporters. We are a home-based rescue whose volunteers work around their jobs, families and responsibilities to care for these animals.

We aim to rescue and re-home stray, abandoned and neglected cats, and rescue, rehabilitate and release varying British wildlife species. We also provide trap-neuter-release services for semi-feral and feral cats, and educate the general public on a variety of topical feline and wildlife issues.

The money donated goes towards medical care, husbandry and necessary equipment for caring for these animals.

Feline and Wildlife Rescue Nottingham logo

Fetcher Dog

Hundreds of dogs are abandoned at home and abroad every day. The cost-of-living crisis has increased this exponentially and dogs need our help now more than ever. We rescue dogs from UK pounds, the streets and kill shelters of Bosnia and take local owner surrenders.

The UK pounds are currently bursting with dogs that are looking for safe spaces to go. After 7 days in a pound, the dogs are put to sleep if a rescue space isn't found and we take as many of these dogs as we can and provide them with a chance of a happy and full life. We are also in contact with several local dog wardens, Kent Police and our local council and are called upon to help dogs that they find on a regular basis.

We started this charity to help dogs in Bosnia and that is where at least half of our rescue missions take place. Thousands of dogs are born on the streets of Bosnia every year, condemned to face cruel acts by locals, starvation, disease and brutal & inhumane deaths. The dogs are rounded up by dog catchers and often placed into kill shelters that provide no care, food or comfort, with many starving to death or dying of exposure.

We have many local rescuers, picking up stray street dogs and removing as many as possible from kill shelters. All dogs are taken to safe and secure facilities where they no longer have to fear cruelty. They are fed and cared for and are taken to local veterinarians who help us nurse them back to health. We give them everything they need for a fresh start and the best possible chance of a happy, healthy life.

Fetcher Dog then finds forever homes for these dogs in England and Wales. These dogs have been through so much that they desperately deserve wonderful families and we aim to pair all of our dogs with the best forever homes that we can find.

Fetcher Dog logo

Foal Farm Animal Rescue

At Foal Farm Animal Rescue, we are renowned for our high welfare standards and strict non-destruct policy. 

Our committment to animal welfare has earned us our long established membership with the Association of Cats and Dogs Homes.

Our dedicated staff go to every length to provide first class care to our animals regardless of their breed, species, age, behaviour or chronic conditions. 

Every animal rehomed by our centre is vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed/neutered and vet checked.

If a suitable home cannot be found, an animal will become a permanent resident and remain a member of our family for the rest of their natural life on our 26 acre farm.

Foal Farm Animal Rescue logo

Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels


Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels (FoBCK) was formed in response to a massive public petition demanding better facilities for Wirral's homeless dogs.
Many dogs find themselves at the kennels, not because they are bad or dangerous but often because they are abandoned or, through no fault of their own, need to be re-homed.
We have worked hard to raise funds which have enabled us to improve the 36 available kennel spaces.
We are fully committed and devote maximum effort to finding the best home or a rescue space for every dog who comes through our doors.
While the dogs are with us, FoBCK volunteers, together with Kennel staff, feed and care for them, walking the dogs and giving them one to one time, enrichment and play times every day.
We also pay for any veterinary care the dogs may need which includes spaying/neutering and vaccinating all dogs before rehoming, as required.


Our long term goal, our dream, is to relocate the kennels to a place where the dogs can have comfortable indoor and outdoor runs and access to outside space for exercise and play – something very lacking in the current premises inherited from Wirral Council.
Your support helps us to progress towards that goal while we continue to help as many homeless dogs as possible find their forever home.

** please read information below to find out how the lottery works**

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Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust is a UK registered charity working to improve the lives of both animals and people in The Gambia. Founded in 2002 by the late Stella Marsden OBE and her sister Heather Armstrong, who is the charity's Director. With no tradition of horsemanship in The Gambia and a combination of poor management, high disease risk and poverty, farmers were investing comparatively large amounts of money for a working animal only for it to die, too often within six months. Not only was this causing further hardship for the farmers, it was also creating a serious animal welfare problem and the veterinary services did not have the infrastructure or finances to be able to help the farmers.

A healthy working animal can increase a farming family's income by up to 500% and buying an animal is a big investment for a family. If the animal becomes sick or dies not only the animal suffers, but its owners suffer too. The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa and is unable to provide all the veterinary support that the animal owners require, so when animals become ill, sometimes their owners are simply unable to find help for them.

Keeping horses and donkeys healthy in The Gambia is a real challenge; insect borne diseases such as Sleeping Sickness (Trypanosomiasis), African Horse Sickness, and tick fever are all too common and when these problems are combined with poor nutrition and management caused by lack of knowledge and poverty, the results can be disastrous for the farmers.

In recent years, due to the unfortunate closure of some other animal welfare organisations working in The Gambia, the charity’s remit has expanded to cover all animals in need of help, not only equines. Due to the very limited veterinary services available within the country, we now treat and care for large numbers of dogs and cats who are suffering from serious illness or injury and rehome them when they are back to full health. Serious diseases such as parvovirus, tetanus and rabies are seen regularly and we carry out regular neuter clinics and vaccination programmes to try to reduce the risks of these diseases, amongst others.

We are a small charity who rely heavily on volunteers and our wonderful team of Gambian staff. We need your help to continue our work and we make every single penny count.

Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust logo

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is one of 46 independent Wildlife Trusts working towards nature’s recovery.

For more than 60 years, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust has been working to protect Gloucestershire’s wildlife and wild places.

Our vision is a Gloucestershire where nature thrives. Where 1 in 4 people are connected with and taking action for nature. Where 30% of the county’s land is managed for wildlife. With over 27,000 members, we are the largest conservation charity in the county.

We care for over 1,000 hectares of land covering a diverse range of habitats from wetlands to woodlands, grasslands and meadows, and provide habitats for a diverse range of wildlife such as dormice, otters, hedgehogs, barn owls and many other species.

Alongside our members and volunteers, we work year-round to protect wildlife, transform landscapes and connect people with wildlife.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust logo

Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries celebrates and promotes all animals as individual, sentient beings. Whether they are defined as wild, pet, or farmed, they all deserve the same respect and compassion.

Through our two animal sanctuaries, our Education & Outreach Programme, and across our digital channels, we hope to encourage people to share our mission, and make achievable choices in their lifestyle which reflect this.

Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries  logo

Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust

We are facing a nature and climate crisis and people are less connected with nature than ever before. The UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. Today, 41% of species are in decline and tragically 15% are at risk of extinction. This includes species such as Bats and Hedgehogs. Collectively we must act now to reverse the decline in wildlife and wild spaces and reconnect everybody with nature.

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust is a local conservation charity working to protect wildlife. We believe wildlife should be able to thrive alongside our everyday lives and that everyone benefits from having access to nature. Our experiences during the pandemic have clearly demonstrated the valued role nature plays in people’s health and wellbeing.

If we work together as a community, nature will recover and we will create a greener, sustainable and wilder future. Actions we take locally will have an effect on the global climate crisis. Healthy, biodiverse habitats are better at storing carbon than degraded ones, so what we do to restore our natural world will have a positive effect on carbon reduction. The more space we create for wildlife in Hertfordshire and Middlesex, the bigger the impact on carbon reduction globally and the better able nature will be to meet the challenges of a changing climate.

The Trust has over 22,000 members and is the leading voice for wildlife conservation in Hertfordshire and Middlesex. With a team of volunteers, the Trust cares for wild places – including over 40 nature reserves - so that nature can thrive. We help people experience the wildlife on their doorsteps and to take action to protect it.

We have some of the best examples of oak-hornbeam woodlands in the south east of England, and some of the world’s rarest rivers – chalk streams like the Mimram, Ash and Rib – which total around just 200 in the entire world and provide homes for beloved British wildlife such as endangered Water Voles and iconic Kingfishers.

In 2020, we published Hertfordshire’s State of Nature report in which we called for 30% of land managed for wildlife by 2030. From gardens to local parks and from farms to nature reserves, everywhere and everyone has a role to play in making more space for nature and helping us to connect with wildlife.

With your support you can help us to maintain and restore important local wild places now and for future generations. Thank you for supporting your local wildlife.

Visit the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust website for more information about our important local conservation work:

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Hope Rescue

Since 2005 Hope Rescue has been saving the lives of stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs that, through no fault of their own, need a second chance. We commit to take all the stray dogs from six Local Authorities in South Wales - Merthyr Tydfil, Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan and Rhondda Cynon Taf - irrespective of their age, breed or medical condition. We also help owners in crisis who need to surrender their dogs, giving them peace of mind that their dogs will be rehomed responsibly.

Like so many other rescues, we reached a new crisis point here at Hope Rescue last year. Thanks to our supporters in 2021 we helped 570 dogs.

The demographic of dogs coming in post-pandemic has changed and the issue seems to be getting worse. Many of the dogs we have in entering our care either have health or behavioural issues, or often both. These are not the type of dogs that can be quickly rehomed, they need the time and space for us to support them and set them up for success. Due to the huge number of dogs purchased during the pandemic we know this won't be a short-term issue. This is our world for the foreseeable future and it's a huge concern to us all.

We are working hard to continue to provide essential support to the most vulnerable dogs and owners in our local communities, providing them with urgent veterinary care, secure and cosy kennels, nutritious food, treats, toys and the training and behavioural support they will need to get them ready for their perfect forever homes.

We genuinely couldn’t keep the doors open without the love and support of our volunteers and supporters. Thank you once again for playing and being part of #TeamHope

Hope Rescue logo

HorseWorld Trust

HorseWorld situated in Whitchurch, Bristol is one of the leading equine charities, rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses, ponies and donkies since 1952.

Originally set up to save working horses and ponies from needless slaughter, now the majority of animals come to HorseWorld after being abandoned, mistreated or neglected. Our trained staff nurse them back to health, rehabilitate them and find suitable loan homes where they can continue to receive love and care.

Some go on to help in our Discovery courses which support vulnerable young people through an innovative equine assisted learning programme. Bringing horses together with young people who have physical or emotional disorders can have startling results.

Young people demonstrating autistic behaviour or ADHD often struggle to communicate, but by putting them with horses they can learn about themselves, other people and can interact positively with the world.

It can be seen that young people who may have difficulty controlling their impulses can focus on the horse for long periods while grooming or leading the animal.

These may be children who would be unable to concentrate for so long on anything else.

Withdrawn children may begin to express themselves and develop new words or gestures not previously used.

HorseWorld Trust logo

Hunt Saboteurs Association

The HSA is the only organisation that works directly in the field to protect wildlife from the hunters.

Despite the hunting ban in 2005 hunting with hounds continues.

Each week the HSA puts people in the field to protect our native wildlife.

Hunt Saboteurs Association logo

Icelandic Horse Society GB

The IHSGB (Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain) exists to maintain the purity of the unique Icelandic horse, to promote interest in the breed, to protect the welfare of the breed, and to encourage Icelandic horse breeding and riding competitions.

Icelandic Horse Society GB logo

Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Jerry Green Dog Rescue has been caring for homeless, abandoned or unwanted dogs since 1961. Since then, we have expanded to help even more dogs, and now have four rescue centres, across three counties. We pride ourselves on our exceptional welfare standards, and our individual approach to caring for our dogs, all of our decisions are made with the dog's best interests at heart, a priority we will always maintain. Our pioneering Meet & Match® rehoming process has revolutionized dog rehoming across the welfare sector, and allows our dogs to find their perfect forever home.

We are seeing more demands on our services now more than ever, and costs are higher than ever before. By supporting our lottery, you are allowing us to be there not only for the dogs currently waiting in our centres, but for all of the dogs who will undoubtedly need our help, now and long into the future.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue logo


Every penny raised will help save another life.

K9focus logo

Leicester Animal Aid

Leicester Animal Aid is a rehoming centre for cats and dogs. Every year, we care for more than 300 cats and dogs who are lost, abandoned, neglected, unwanted or relinquished because their owners can no longer look after them.

Every animal is assessed by our experienced team and each one receives a warm bed, good food, training and enrichment, and plenty of love and attention until a forever home can be found. Our vision is happy pets in loving, responsible homes.

We are only able to keep our doors open to the animals that need our help thanks to our kind supporters. Thank you for playing our lottery.

Leicester Animal Aid logo

Margaret Green Animal Rescue

At Margaret Green Animal Rescue we take in pets that have become homeless due to a change in circumstances, or that have been neglected, mistreated or abandoned. Regardless of their circumstance, each pet will find a warm bed, a kind team and all the love and respect they deserve awaiting them at Margaret Green Animal Rescue.

We pride ourselves on the standard of care each rescue pet receives. As well as veterinary care, pets are prepared and rehabilitated ready for a new home. Where appropriate, our animals are vaccinated, micro-chipped, treated against worms and fleas, and neutered before going to their new home.

Finding forever homes is at the very heart of what we do and there is no better feeling than knowing we have found the perfect match. Our rehoming process is designed specifically to help potential owners adopt a pet that fits in perfectly with their lives and loved ones.

We receive no government funding and rely heavily on public support to care for the increasing number of animals who need us each year. Your support will help us to rescue and look after thousands of animals that come into our centres and give them the second chance they truly deserve.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue logo

Marine Conservation Society

We're the Marine Conservation Society, an environmental charity by and for sea lovers. We're working toward a cleaner, better protected, healthier ocean: one we can all enjoy. Will you help us?

Our ocean is at a tipping point. We are fighting to turn the tide and restore its health

Our ocean covers over 70% of our planet. It provides more than half the oxygen we breathe and absorbs nearly a third of our carbon emissions.

But today, it’s in crisis. Right now, we’re polluting our waters and destroying precious habitats. We're harming the species that live there. It’s reducing the ocean's ability to help fight the climate crisis.

We’re determined to change this. Together with communities, businesses and governments, we can make a difference.

Our goal is to recover the health of our ocean.

Every year, between 8 and 13 million tonnes of plastic enters our ocean. In fact, some areas of the ocean floor now have 1.9 million plastic pieces per square metre.

A third of our seas are called ‘protected’ – but they’re not; in practice, less than 1% of our seas are well-managed.

Every day, valuable species and habitats that capture and store carbon are being destroyed.

Join our lottery to help us with our work.

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National Animal Welfare Trust

At The National Animal Welfare Trust we have established ourselves over the last 44 years as the animal welfare charity that never stops caring, and demand for our work continues to grow. We operate five centres across the south of England, rescuing and rehoming up to 1800 animals a year. Whether you already own a pet or are looking for a new companion, we're here to help with useful tips, advice and support.

Your support is so important to us because we simply couldn't continue our work without the kind support of people like you. As a charity, the National Animal Welfare Trust doesn't receive any government funding so the animals in our care rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters and the love and dedication of our staff and volunteers.

Our charity lottery is a fantastic way to generate funds for NAWT because you're in with a great chance of winning a prize of up to £25,000 whilst also donating a guaranteed 50% of your entry fee towards supporting the welfare and the future of our animals.

Thanks for considering us; it truly is appreciated by everyone here at NAWT.

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National Biodiversity Network Trust

Nature thriving everywhere, in all its diversity. That’s our vision, and we’re passionate about sharing the data needed to achieve it. But we can’t do it alone.

As a charity, we depend on our fantastic members and supporters to make the impossible possible. By supporting us, you’ll help to:

  • Make the NBN Atlas the ‘go to’ place for sharing, finding and accessing biodiversity data.
  • Ensure biodiversity data is providing the evidence needed for nature’s recovery.
  • Champion citizen science as a major source of biodiversity data.
  • Grow the National Biodiversity Network – the UK’s largest partnership for nature.

The National Biodiversity Network Trust has been championing the sharing of wildlife data since 2000. We are the UK’s largest partnership for nature, with over 200 members and more than 200 million wildlife records available through the NBN Atlas.

Find out more about the NBN Trust and the NBN Atlas

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Oak Tree Animals' Charity

Every year we help hundreds of animals in need through our rehoming and community outreach programmes; offering up-to-date advice, education and pro-active assistance to promote responsible pet ownership. Our services constantly evolve to respond to the needs of our community and its animals, and we aim to ensure they are accessible to all.

Please join our lottery: we are incredibly lucky to have such loyal and generous supporters who, like us, are passionate about the work we do. Our need for funds will never go away and we are totally reliant on the generosity of our supporters, receiving no government or lottery funding. Please visit to find out more about our work and exciting plans – an exciting journey we would love you to accompany us on.

By entering our Lottery, you can play a vital part in ensuring we can continue our work. You could win big too! Thank you.

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Oakwood Dog Rescue

From humble beginnings in 2009 we have grown considerably, rehoming over 700 dogs so far. We do everything in our power to help dogs find a new home regardless of how long it can sometimes take. We try to help all dogs regardless of their history, size, breed or colour and even those with missing bits! For us every dog is worthy of a second chance and our team work tirelessly to help rehabilitate dogs who need some extra care and attention they wouldn't get at many rescues centres.

We can now accommodate up to 40 dogs, however, as our centre has grown in size so too have our costs. We have seen a massive increase in our rent, utility and veterinary bills, and the list of costs is endless! We even faced closure back in 2015 due to lack of funds. Thankfully the public got behind us and saved our rescue. Unfortunately we get no large scale or government funding and sadly we have no savings or contingency funds to fall back on, we only have enough money to run month to month. By joining our lottery you will be directly helping our dogs find new loving forever homes.

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Pico’s Pack

We’re Pico's Pack dog rescue - a volunteer partnership between Serbia and the U.K. working to care for the abandoned and abused street dogs of Belgrade.

We have a small team based in Belgrade at our Pico's Pack Sanctuary, where we care for around 130 dogs and puppies, many of whom have been rescued from horrific abuse and neglect. We provide food, vet care and support to these poor souls with the ultimate aim of re-homing as many of them as we possibly can.

In the U.K. we have a small team of volunteers working to raise funds, as well as liaising with potential adopters across the country. Although we aim to re-home as many of the saved dogs as we can, some unfortunately will never be suitable to make that journey. That is why your donations are so vitally important - so these dogs in particular can be looked after until they reach their Rainbow Bridge.

Pico’s Pack logo

Racing Welfare

We offer professional guidance and practical help to all the racing people – including stud, stable, and racecourse staff, alongside those working in associated professions – whose dedication is vital for the wellbeing of racing. Our work aims to help people, from recruitment to retirement, to thrive in day-to-day life and through a range of life’s challenges.

“They Provided immediate care, making sure I had credit on my phone for emergencies, and making sure I had money so we could eat, but it was the aftercare that made the real difference.”

Racing Welfare's services are vast and holistic and cover:

- Mental Health
- Careers Advice
- Physical Health
- Housing
- Addiction
- Retirement
-Money Advice

For more information on our services and how your money can help us support racing's people, visit

Racing Welfare logo

Rain Rescue

Rain Rescue exists for the animal who has nobody else.

Founded in 2002, our charity has saved the lives of thousands of dogs and cats most at risk in and around Yorkshire.

Our rescue centre provides the space and support needed for these abandoned animals to recover, thrive and find a loving new home.

We see the beautiful animal that is sometimes hidden under layers of pain and neglect, and match them with the owners they deserve.

Rain Rescue logo

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

Raystede is a Sussex-based animal welfare charity, caring for around 2,000 local animals every year, giving them the chance to thrive through rescue, rehoming and rehabilitation. We care for a diverse range of animals, from dogs, cats and horses to alpacas, goats and exotic birds. And our dedicated staff and volunteers work tirelessly to make sure each one gets the happy life they deserve.

When an animal or bird is found neglected, injured or distressed, we take care of them. When they need a home, we help find loving new owners. And when the scars run too deep, we provide lifelong sanctuary to those who can’t be rehomed.

Raystede inspires people to respect and care for animals, through education in the community and the opportunity to visit our beautiful Sussex site.

It costs £2.5 million a year to provide this life-changing care. With no government funding, we rely entirely on donations and the generous support from the local community.

All injured and unwanted animals deserve their second chance. It is our mission and privilege to help make that happen.

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare logo

Ren's Wildlife Hospital

Last year (2023), Ren's Wildlife Hospital helped over 600 wild animals, including foxes, deer, hedgehogs, gulls, rooks, crows, owls, pigeons, rabbits, hares, and mice. Our primary goal is to rehabilitate these animals with the hope of returning them to the wild.

On arrival the first step for any animal is to ensure they are medically fit and to do this we work closely with our local vets to provide first-class medical care. Once they are medically cleared, we move onto the crucial step of rehabilitation. This, all too often neglected stage, is essential to ensure the animal is physically and psychologically prepared for life back in their natural habitat. Releasing an animal too soon is not only cruel but also illegal. Over the last few years, we have developed a variety of outdoor pre-release pens that help animals regain their strength and confidence. We are always looking to expand these facilities.

Our work doesn't stop at animal care. We also invest a lot of effort into ensuring the charity operates efficiently and safely. This involves providing excellent training for our volunteers, securing adequate insurance, and becoming members of regulatory organisations such as the Fund Raising Regulators and One Voice for Animals. These efforts help us adhere to and promote the highest standards of care and governance in all our work.

Ren's Wildlife Hospital logo

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

At Rescue Me we are passionate about providing the best possible standard of care for the many animals we look after.

In an average year we help around 1,000 animals many of whom arrive with us in a severely neglected state. Although our main focus is dogs, cats and kittens, we also care for a wide variety of species including Guinea pigs, rabbits, rats , ferrets, hamsters, domestic and farm birds , degus, wildlife and exotics and in 2020 we even provided care for an unwanted Marmoset monkey who is now living in a specialist primate sanctuary with her own kind.

We also specialise in the care and rehabilitation of disabled animals and a number of animals with disabilities will live their lives out with us.

We are currently foster based whilst we continue to work on the refurbishment of Bells Farm House to convert it to a first class rescue centre based on the planning consent received in late 2020. By signing up to play our lottery you not only help us to continue with the important work we do everyday but you also will enable us to carry on with the refurbishment of Bells Farm House and bring the day nearer when we have first class premises and facilities.

Of course, you may also win a prize, but regardless of that Rescue Me will always be a winner as 50% of the money you stake comes directly to us and we are very grateful for your continued support.

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary  logo

Ridgeback Rescue

Ridgeback Rescue, is a small breed specific Charity which is 100% reliant on donations and volunteers.

We are dedicated to helping Rhodesian Ridgebacks who require re-homing, re-habiliation and a second chance.

We also provide advice and guidance to Rhodesian Ridgebacks owners and promote responsible ownership of our amazing breed.

Everyone involved with Ridgeback Rescue is a volunteer who gives their time, knowledge and, often, resources for free. On average 85 Ridgebacks a year from all corners of the country are helped.

If you would like to find out more about us please visit the website at

Ridgeback Rescue logo

Romanian Rescue Appeal

Romanian Rescue Appeal was started in 2014 to care for dogs rescued from the streets and public shelters of Romania, where they suffer all sorts of abuse and violence. We operate 4 private shelters in different locations where our BEAUTIFUL DOGS are provided with food, vetinary care, and protection from a world that's them down for no fault of their own.

Our volunteers receive and assess applications from prospective adopters and fosterers in the UK and work hard to find each dog a lovely and safe forever-home over here. The constant turnover allows us to rescue more and more dogs from the unfortunate end they would encounter in Romania.

The charity has been running on generous donations since its start and in order to continue operating and help more dogs meet loving new owners, it needs YOUR HELP. By registering for the Unity Lottery, you can buy tickets every week and have a 1 in 63 chance to win a prize every week including A FABULOUS £25,000 JACKPOT!


Romanian Rescue Appeal logo

RSPCA Bury, Oldham & District Branch

We have bought a building and piece of land on the edge of a country park on the outskirts of Oldham Town Centre, that will become our new animal shelter.

Our new shelter will have a greater capacity for cats & dogs and is in a better location to help animals with their rehabilitation before going to their new furr-ever homes.

The building requires extensive conversion work for it to reach our high standards of animal care. The total cost of the project is in the region £1.5 millionand we need to raise an additional £200,000.

We are hoping that our supporters will help us reach our fund raising total by playing the lottery, which will give you the chance of winning £25,000 and our charity will receive support in raising the initial building funds, and in the longer term, support the ongoing running of our animal shelter.

Good luck in supporting our lottery!

RSPCA Bury, Oldham & District Branch logo

RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome over 600 animals in need each year, many of which have been abused, abandoned and neglected. 

We are a separately registered branch of the RSPCA and rely on the generosity of the public to enable us to continue our vital animal welfare work. 

Please support our branch to help us provide love and care for animals who are looking for a second chance of happiness.

RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire logo

RSPCA Derby & District

RSPCA Derby & District is an independently funded animal rescue centre, with weekly running costs of £10,000. We rely on fundraising to continue looking after the dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and small furry creatures in our care at Abbey Street Rehoming Centre. We rehome around 1,000 animals each year after they have been rescued and rehabilitated. Routine and specialist treatments for our animals costs us over £60,000 each year.

As well as helping with our day-to-day costs, fundraising helps us with important projects such as building an intake room for the cats that come to our Abbey Street Centre. The intake room provides a calm and quiet area where the animal care team can assess the cats before they are made available for adoption. We have also refurbished one of our kennel blocks and a quarantine area has been added. This enables us to look after dogs that are poorly when they arrive with us.

We are always thinking of new ways to make the most of the space we have at our Abbey Street Centre and by playing our lottery you are directly helping to improve the lives of animals in need.

RSPCA Derby & District logo

RSPCA Milton Keynes & North Bucks

We help to rescue and re-home cats and small animals in the area. We are a separately registered branch of the RSPCA and rely on the generous support of the public and businesses to help us to continue our vital work of helping animals in need.

The team consists of a dedicated group of volunteers who work for the welfare and benefit of the animals. Every year we help hundreds of animals in need or distress.

Without your help we cannot continue to provide loving care for injured or unwanted animals. Please help us continue to grow so that we can provide even more animals the care that they need.

RSPCA Milton Keynes & North Bucks logo

RSPCA Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre

For just £1 per entry you can play the RSPCA Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Lottery – a chance to win a life changing amount and help us in the process!

For every £1 spent, RSPCA Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue will receive 50p which will go towards helping us to continue our wildlife work – caring and protecting wildlife life now and for future generations.

A win all round!

This lottery is provided by Unity, part of Sterling Lotteries, one of the UKs fundraising lottery providers. Sterling Lotteries will administer the programme for us. 50p of every entry will cover the administration costs and will contribute to the prize on offer. Your entry will be specific to the RSPCA Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue lottery draw only.

RSPCA Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre logo

Scottish SPCA

Every £1 you play has a positive impact on an animal’s life.

By taking part in our lottery, you help us to care for thousands of pets, wildlife and farmed animals.

When you play, you could be helping to meet the costs of much-needed vet care for a cat. You may be helping to:

  • Cover the costs of much-needed care and support for a cat.
  • Or you may even be helping to fund expert rehabilitation for an injured bird of prey such as a golden eagle.

At the Scottish SPCA, we’re here for all animals, always. Get involved in our lottery and you can be there for animals too.

Play today for your chance to win up to £25,000 and to change the lives of animals for the better.


Scottish SPCA logo

Shropshire Cat Rescue

We are based in Shrewsbury in Shropshire and provide for the surrounding area shelter, food and veterinary care for homeless, stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens, and rehoming where possible. Shropshire Cat Rescue also helps feral cats wherever possible with veterinary care including neutering. We also educate the public on all aspects of health and welfare of cats and kittens.

Community and education activities
We regularly welcome (when safe to do so) the local community to the shelter to see and experience first-hand the environment where our cats live and in some cases, freely roam. We are also committed to providing advice and education on all aspects of cat care and wellbeing.

The Shropshire Cat Rescue Centre provides a wonderful visitor experience where you can meet and greet our feline residents and learn all about the work of the charity and the care and services we provide to cats in need in the local area.

We are also dedicated to supporting the public to learn more about all aspects of cat care and use our social media channels as well as face to face events to provide vital cat wellbeing education advice.

We cover all elements of cat welfare from meeting cats’ welfare needs, tips on grooming, diet and exercise and preventive care through to how to identify stray cats and how fulfilling it can be to adopt cats.

We welcome veterinary students for placement, support youngsters on the Duke of Edinburgh award and we also have children’s Book Buddies which educates children on pet ownership.

Shropshire Cat Rescue logo

Somerset Wildlife Trust

We've been protecting and preserving Somerset’s wildlife and wild places for over 50 years. With over 21,000 members, we are the largest conservation charity in the county. Our landholding of over 1,700 hectares incorporates a diverse range of habitats from wetlands to woodlands, grasslands and meadows, and provide secure environments for a diverse range of wildlife such as dormice, otters, hedgehogs, barn owls and many other species. Alongside our members and volunteers, we work year-round to protect wildlife, transform landscapes and put nature back into people’s lives.

Somerset Wildlife Trust logo

SongBird Survival

SongBird Survival - your voice for songbirds

Songbirds, with their melodious songs and vibrant plumage, have captivated the hearts of British people for centuries. They delight and inspire us, nourishing our health and well-being. All while being an essential part of our ecosystem by dispersing seeds, pollinating plants, and helping to keep insect populations under control.

However, these enchanting creatures are facing unprecedented threats. Over the last 50 years, UK songbird populations have fallen by 50% and still continue to decline. Species that were once common - such as the Nightingale and Willow Tit - have become rare sights. We are living in an era of mass species extinction, driven by threats such as climate change, predation, changing landscapes, and poorly informed policies.

SongBird Survival (SBS) is an independent charity that funds scientific research into the alarming decline in Britain's much-loved songbirds. Since 2000 we have been fighting for a better future for UK songbirds and we are the only national UK charity dedicated to make a positive impact in the face of this devastating ecological emergency. 

With a deep commitment to conservation, our mission is to conduct research, raise awareness, and implement effective measures to protect songbirds and their habitats, ensuring their survival for generations to come.

You can help change the future for UK songbirds.

SongBird Survival logo

Stokenchurch Dog Rescue

Stokenchurch Dog Rescue attempts to find suitable and loving homes for all the dogs in our care. Once a dog arrives at our rescue centre, it is given a medical assessment and any immediate treatment is provided. The dog will then stay in our newly refurbished isolation unit for 7-10 days to ensure it is fit and healthy. During this time, our staff are able to observe the dog during walks and socialisation to assess its temperament.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, SDR has been able to refurbish its dog rooms and facilities over the past 6 years. We now have 41 bright, modern and comfortable dog rooms, with a variety of toys and comfortable bedding to make sure our dogs live in a relaxed and homely environment during their stay with us. Whenever possible, dogs are given a companion to provide company and all our rooms have an en suite patio area where the dogs can stretch their legs between walks.

All the dogs in our care receive the best food, each having a diet specifically prepared for their needs, and every dog receives a treat before the lights are turned off in the kennel areas at night. We also have a modern shower room to bathe our dogs on arrival and after muddy exercise!

SDR is located on the outskirts of Stokenchurch village, and volunteers are able to take our dogs out for walks in the local countryside every morning. In addition, we also have large outdoors exercise runs to ensure our dogs receive adequate exercise during their stay with us.

Stokenchurch Dog Rescue logo

The Aspinall Foundation

The Aspinall Foundation was established as a registered charity in 1984. John Aspinall, the founder, dreamed of returning rare and endangered animals back to their natural habitats.

Our commitment is to conservation through habitat protection, reintroduction, captive breeding, and education. We are working in some of the world's most fragile environments to save endangered animals and return them to the wild. We work to protect wildlife from all threats, and their habitats from destruction. We also work with communities to reforest areas where habits have been destroyed.

The Foundation successfully manages conservation programmes across Asia and Africa. Our mission is to enable animals to live in the wild through a combination of reintroducing wild-born animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and repatriating UK-bred to their native homelands – this includes 8 black rhino, 120 Javan langurs, 42 Javan gibbon, 11 European bison and over 70 Western lowland gorillas. In Madagascar, our work with greater bamboo lemurs has helped remove them from the Critically Endangered list, taking a population of less than 100 to over 1000 in just 10 years as well as helping many other Madagascan animals to thrive.

The Aspinall Foundation works in conjunction with Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks in Kent which lead the way in animal care, enclosure design, enrichment and breeding success and are designed to be breeding sanctuaries for some of the world's most rare and endangered animals.

The Aspinall Foundation logo

The Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre

The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre rescues and finds loving forever homes for unwanted, abandoned, stray, feral and neglected cats, kittens, rabbits and guinea pigs.

We believe in giving animals a chance at a good life and so we never put down a healthy animal or discriminate based on the age, health condition, breed or personality of animals in need that we welcome to our rescue centre.

We educate the public in responsible pet ownership and encourage neutering to eliminate indiscriminate breeding in addition to providing advice and support on a variety of matters, including helping communities in the humane management of feral cat colonies.

We do not receive government assisted funding, meaning we value and put to good use every penny from donations, gifts in wills and charity shop sales

The Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre logo

The Dog Team UK

The dog meat trade is cruel and brutal. Dogs are bred indiscriminately. Incarcerated in small crates or tied up without any exercise, kindness, enrichment or health care. They live a sad and painful existence.

Imagine being born and feeling the hard wire mesh of the cage cut into your delicate skin. Imagine trying to stand. You take your first steps and you feel your leg fall through the wire grid and the dogs in the pen below chew on your paw. Your first few moments of life are painful and bewildering. Confused and struggling, there are no kind people to help you.

You notice how roughly you are handled and how painful it is when people are around. Your mother is taken away and you hear her screams. You never see her again. You live in abject fear and watch as others die in excruciating pain.

Then one day, new people arrive and place you in a crate and put you in the back of a car and drive you to a place where dogs wag their tails. There is food and water and the water is fresh and in abundance. You are still afraid, yet these people talk in happy tones.

Soon it is your turn to take a flight across the world to where people will love you forever. There are kind, gentle hands and people with all the time in the world to help you to find happiness.

You are now safe and loved forever.

The Dog Team UK logo

The Ferne Animal Sanctuary

Ferne Animal Sanctuary provides refuge for farm and domestic animals in need, rescuing and rehoming over 250 cats, dogs and equines each year and home to over 300 permanent residents. Ferne is one of the most incredibly beautiful and special places, and we really cannot find the words to tell you exactly how much of a difference you can make.

The Ferne Animal Sanctuary logo

The Gorilla Organisation

With fewer than 1,200 mountain gorillas remaining in the wild – they face a real threat of extinction in our lifetime.

The gentle giants of the African forest, gorillas are the largest living primate and one of humans closest living relatives.

Although physically intimidating and powerful, gorillas are extremely intelligent, sensitive and emotional beings.

Threats including deforestation, habitat loss, poaching, civil unrest, and disease, are pushing mountain gorillas to the brink.

Our work has helped stop the decline of Africa’s critically endangered gorillas, whilst also transforming the lives of thousands of people, most of them living in some of Africa’s poorest communities.

Working with communities in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo, our projects build a better future for gorillas and the people they live alongside.

The Gorilla Organisation logo

The Horse Trust

For 135 years The Horse Trust’s Home of Rest for Horses has specialised in providing retirement and respite for working horses and ponies. These hard-working equine public servants have served our nation in the Police, the Army or with charities which use horses to help people. We also provide sanctuary to horses, ponies and donkeys who have suffered from cruelty or neglect and who are in desperate need of specialist treatment and care.

At The Horse Trust we demonstrate best practice and deliver professional training in horse care and welfare. We have invested in funding veterinary research that has led to major advances in horse care and provided specialist training for professionals working with horses. This training and research helps develop the knowledge and skills needed to improve the care, welfare and quality of life of all horses around the world. From our very first day on 10th May 1886 our work has been supported entirely on donations from the general public.

By playing our lottery you will help us to plan for the future and care for as many horses, ponies and donkeys in need as we can.

The Horse Trust logo

The League Against Cruel Sports

The League is Britain's leading animal charity working to stop animals being abused and killed for 'sport'. 

We investigate and expose law-breaking and cruelty, work to change attitudes and behaviour through education, campaign for stronger laws and penalties and manage sanctuaries which protect wildlife.

The League's aim is to create a kinder society where persecuting animals for 'sport' is a thing of the past.

By entering our League Lotto you will ensure that you are giving animals the voice they deserve as well as being in with a chance to win £25,000 every week. 

The League Against Cruel Sports logo

The Westie Rescue Scheme

We are dedicated to finding permanent homes for West Highland White Terriers who are in need of rescuing or rehousing. We also offer help, advice and support on all matters concerning Westies.

We are totally committed to the health and wellbeing of all Westies who enter into our care. This is accomplished through our dedicated and integrated national support network consisting of trained volunteers who provide help and advice on all matters concerning Westies.

The Westie Rescue Scheme logo

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary rescues and rehomes vulnerable animals in South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire and provides them with the care they require in their hour of need.

The animals we care for include dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, farm animals and more.

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary logo

Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Tia Rescue is a Greyhound rescue centre set up by Deb Rothery in 1996, becoming a registered charity in 2004. In recent years, our task has extended to include the rescue and rehoming of endangered heavy horses.

Whilst we have continued our role of rescuing, rehoming, and finding ‘forever homes’ for our dogs and horses, the need to find such homes never ends and we rely on your support to continue our work.

Our policy, when we rescue any dog or horse, is to make them safe and ensure their health is looked after. When they come to us, some are in better shape than others, but we always give them whatever care they need as well as lots of love. Wherever possible, we aim to rehome our dogs and horses to a caring forever home.

Of course, it is not always possible to rehome some of our dogs and horses; perhaps because of their health needs, or just because they need the level of care and attention we can only give at our farm. For these animals, we strive to give them that attention, and the love that they deserve.

Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue logo

University of Cambridge Veterinary School Trust

Camvet is a small charity dedicated to raising funds for the Queen's Veterinary School Hospital in Cambridge. The hospital runs on a not-for-profit basis, so our goal is to fund essential equipment and facilities for diagnosing and treating the many thousands of animals referred for care. In addition, we provide equipment to help teach the veterinary students and support several Clinical Training Scholar posts. Every donation, no matter how large or small, really does make a huge difference to our animal patients.

University of Cambridge Veterinary School Trust logo

WECare Worldwide

We encounter animals with horrific and life-threatening injuries on a daily basis - by playing our weekly lottery, YOU help us stop this suffering - THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

WECare Worldwide logo

Wildlife Trust BCN

The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire works to make our three counties a place where nature can flourish and enrich the lives of the people who live here. With your help, we care for local wildlife and more than 100 nature reserves. Playing our lottery will make a real difference for local wildlife.

Wildlife Trust BCN logo

Wildlife Vets International

Play our lottery and help us complete the conservation puzzle to save endangered species.

Wildlife Vets International has been providing expert training and support to vets and biologists on the conservation frontline since 2004.

Saving species from extinction is a complicated puzzle. There’s no quick fix and the challenges we face are immense. Poaching, habitat loss and pollution are just some of the huge problems that are made worse by unexpected outbreaks of disease.

Controlling wildlife disease – detecting, treating and mitigating it – is a vital part of the conservation puzzle. Understanding the difference between emerging and endemic disease can make all the difference to saving endangered species.

Rehabilitation of sick and injured animals can play an important role, along with planned reintroductions and translocations.

WVI works with a wide range of partners and species across the world from Amur tigers in Russia and forest elephants in Africa, to birdlife in Mauritius and sea turtles in the Mediterranean. We believe the sharing of knowledge is crucial to successfully save endangered species.

Together we can train more people on the conservation frontline to use veterinary science so that wildlife can survive and thrive.

Wildlife Vets International logo

Winning For Scilly Wildlife

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust is Scilly’s only locally-run conservation charity responsible for more than 50% of our Islands. Looking after and protecting landscapes, “wild spaces” and the wildlife that calls Scilly home; continuing to make our Islands a special place for both people and nature, now and for future generations.
Winning for Scilly Wildlife; help us protect the very nature of Scilly.

Winning For Scilly Wildlife logo

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

At Woodlands we are passionate about providing the best possible standard of care for the animals we look after. It costs around £3,500 a week to run the Sanctuary and we have to raise every penny of that ourselves.

In an average year we will help more than 1,000 animals that come into the Sanctuary as unwanted or neglected pets , farm animals, or sick or injured wildlife. That is in addition to looking after our resident animals including ponies, donkeys, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and George, our lovely Leopard tortoise.

By signing up to play our lottery you can help to guarantee a steady income stream for the Sanctuary and help us to carry on with the important work that we do. You may also win a prize, but regardless of that the Sanctuary will always be a winner and we are very grateful for your support .

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary logo

World Ape Fund

The World Ape Fund helps to raise funds that are desperately needed to help great apes survive in the wild. Your support especially helps injured and sick orphan infants who have been rescued from the pet trade.

World Ape Fund logo

Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Play our weekly lottery so we can help more cats and you could win one of our great prizes!

Yorkshire Cat Rescue makes unwanted cats wanted.

Founded in 1992 we have saved the lives of thousands of cats who are most at risk in and around Yorkshire and parts of Lancashire.

Going above and beyond, animal welfare remains at the heart of everything we do at Yorkshire Cat Rescue. As a minimum, all cats and kittens are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for worms and fleas before they go to their new homes.

The latest in veterinary care and emergency treatment is also provided whenever needed, from dentistry through to emergency C-sections and ground-breaking surgery on kittens with debilitating deformities.

Our rescue centre and foster homes provide the space and support needed for these abandoned cats to recover, thrive and find a loving new home.

Playing our weekly lottery is an exciting way to support our work, caring for and rehoming over 800 cats and kittens every year. Sadly there are many more cats out there who still desperately need us and we have to be there for them. You can help to make sure this happens.

A lottery is a fun and engaging way for Yorkshire Cat Rescue to raise funds. For every £1 played, at least 50p comes straight to us and the other 50p is split between the prize pot and administration costs. Entering is easy and for as little as £1 per week you will have the chance to win up to £25,000.

The more you play, the more cats you'll help and the more chances you'll have to win a fantastic prize!

Yorkshire Cat Rescue logo

Zoological Society of East Anglia

The Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA) was founded in 2013 within East Anglia in order to promote worldwide animal conservation.

The society's objectives are focused on the conservation and preservation of some of the world's most endangered animals as well as connecting our visitors to nature and educating about a sustainable future and the need to protect global biodiversity.

Our conservation work takes place both overseas and within the two Zoological Parks we support, Banham Zoo & Africa Alive.

We are part of vital European and International breeding programmes for many endangered and vulnerable animals including Amur tigers, snow leopards and the Somali wild ass and have had successes with our rear and release native species projects such as the restoration of the white-clawed crayfish.

The work we are involved with overseas has helped shape conservation efforts for critically endangered animals such as the blue-eyed black lemur in Madagascar and vital community education projects in Africa.

The animals we care for at across both zoos rely on the incredible support of communities and societies around the world. Unlike other areas of international charity work, animal and environmental conservation cannot rely on government funding to succeed, we need your support.

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