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SongBird Survival - your voice for songbirds

Songbirds, with their melodious songs and vibrant plumage, have captivated the hearts of British people for centuries. They delight and inspire us, nourishing our health and well-being. All while being an essential part of our ecosystem by dispersing seeds, pollinating plants, and helping to keep insect populations under control.

However, these enchanting creatures are facing unprecedented threats. Over the last 50 years, UK songbird populations have fallen by 50% and still continue to decline. Species that were once common - such as the Nightingale and Willow Tit - have become rare sights. We are living in an era of mass species extinction, driven by threats such as climate change, predation, changing landscapes, and poorly informed policies.

SongBird Survival (SBS) is an independent charity that funds scientific research into the alarming decline in Britain's much-loved songbirds. Since 2000 we have been fighting for a better future for UK songbirds and we are the only national UK charity dedicated to make a positive impact in the face of this devastating ecological emergency. 

With a deep commitment to conservation, our mission is to conduct research, raise awareness, and implement effective measures to protect songbirds and their habitats, ensuring their survival for generations to come.

You can help change the future for UK songbirds.

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