1st North Wallington Scout Group

Money raised will be used to maintain our hall, purchase new equipment and to subsidise events to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

1st North Wallington Scout Group logo

1st Wigton Baden-Powell Scouts

Three years ago, a piece of land was purchased on the edge of Wigton to be used by Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts. It has proved hugely popular and we have done a large amount of work, including fencing it, for which we had to raise £14,000.

We would now like to build a log cabin, which will allow us to offer more activities to more children, as we currently have a waiting list for most sections.

Our current meeting place, a hall, in another village, is far too small, particularly for our Scout meetings, when we have over 50 Scouts and leaders together at the same time.

We hope with support from the local community and beyond, that we can bring 1st Wigton Scout Group back to Wigton, so Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts can be in the town of their name, with space to play and learn.

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Child Action Northwest

We were founded over 120 years ago by Scottish philanthropist, James Dixon. He built Blackburn Orphanage in Wilpshire,Blackburn and the building is still in use as the charity's headquarters.

We now look after children by recruiting, training and supporting a team of foster carers as well as providing a wide range of community based services based, entirely, on the needs of disadvantaged children and young people throughout the North West.

Child Action Northwest logo

Discovery Dockland Trust

The Discovery Dockland Trust supports the Dockland Scout Project and the Discovery Sailing Project by providing facilities to try to influence the lives of young people through training and taking part in activities on the water. This involves having fun while encouraging self-discipline and teamwork, building self-confidence and character, under close supervision from qualified volunteer staff.

Early Years Scotland

Early Years Scotland supports the United Nations Convention of the rights of a child; its principle underpin all aspects of our work.

Early Years Scotland has over 1100 member groups throughout Scotland which are attended by 34,000 children. These groups include playgroups, toddler groups and nurseries.

Early Years Scotland is committed to enabling its member groups to achieve high standards and quality services. Early Years Scotland's mission is to support community based early education and childcare services for children and families. The association provides help directly through access to advice and information, a range of practical publications, a specialised insurance scheme and training. Early Years Scotland early years groups not only provide a safe and stimulating place for children to learn through play, but also offer unique opportunities for parents and careers to participate and learn through their own voluntary involvement.

The Promoter of this lottery is Barbara Dale, Early Years Scotland, 21 Granville Street, Glasgow G3 7EE

Registered with The Gambling Commission

Registration Number 000-005154-N-306761-001

Early Years Scotland logo

Hertfordshire Scouts

Hertfordshire Scouts delivers the scout national co-educational programme in Hertfordshire for boys and girls aged between 6 and 25. We do this through our network of 170 Scout Groups and 18 Scout Districts.

A key part of providing our programme of age appropriate challenge for an increasing number of members is seen through our seven activity centres around the UK. These centres are available to all, and manage a range of challenging activities for all ages and abilities.

These facilities introduce the young people to different programmes and skills under trained instructors and leaders. They learn about the outdoors and often camp out, cooking for themselves and having fun in the open air. They develop teamwork and personal skills, living in small groups with their peers. They discover nature and the natural world as well as skills in any number of exciting things.

Your support through the Hertfordshire Scouts Unity Lottery is important to our members and to the other youth organisations which use our facilities because the money we earn from the lottery will go towards keeping these centres up to date and with the latest facilities.

Hertfordshire Scouts logo

Kettering Sea Cadets

My name is Capt Marc Pether RMR and I am the Commanding Officer of the Unit here in Kettering supported by a dedicated and hard working team of training staff and parent supporters.

Our Unit's Training Ship name is 800 Naval Air Squadron SCC. We proudly took our name from the fleet air arms 800 NAS, the last fixed wing squadron in the Royal Navy when they were decommissioned in 2011.

The aim of our Unit is to ensure cadets enjoy attending and participating in various activities acquiring life long practical skills to take forward in life with a sense of self discipline and pride.

We are very proud of our Unit and work hard to make it a place where young people can achieve their full potential but, most of all, to have fun in a safe and friendly environment.

Your support will give us a life stream of funding for as long as you and other members support us. Every penny we receive will go towards running the Unit, from buying boats, band equipment, stores, running the mini bus, paying for electric bills and the Unit's maintenance. Effectively everything we need to deliver that life-changing experience for all of our cadets.

Kettering Sea Cadets logo

Marine Society and Sea Cadets

Thank you for supporting Sea Cadets. We really appreciate your help in changing young lives.

Sea Cadets enables young people aged from 10 to 18 to expand their horizons. Experience has shown that being part of a team and pulling together to navigate Britain's coastal waters enables a young person to find new confidence and reach new heights. The sense of self-belief it encourages lays the foundations for future successes.

By playing our lottery you will be changing young lives.

Marine Society and Sea Cadets logo

Ormiston Families

Ormiston Families is the East of England's leading family charity, supporting children, young people and families to manage the challenges they face and improve their life chances.

We provide wide-ranging support for children and young people, from mental health services, help to bridge the gap between home and school, to support for imprisonment and much more.

Our vision

Our vision is safe, healthy, resilient families.

Our mission

Enabling families in the East of England to build resilience and make choices to improve the life chances of their children.

Ormiston Families logo

Premier Foundation

Premier Foundation uses the power of sport and physical activity sessions to improve the lives of disadvantaged, disengaged and 'hard to reach' children and young people. By providing opportunities that would not otherwise be available, Premier Foundation is actively changing lives, increasing confidence of children and young people and enabling them to reach their potential.

Premier Foundation logo

Redditch Nightstop

Nightstop is a short term emergency accommodation option for young people in crisis, available to any young person aged 16 to 25.

We help young people who are in an immediate housing crisis by providing safe accommodation in the homes of volunteer hosts on a night by night basis.

Who are Nightstop hosts?

Hosts come from all backgrounds and ages and have the commitment to providing a warm, clean and safe environment for young people in crisis. Our hosts are police checked, health and reference checked and receive specialist training. These inspiring people are essential to Nightstop and provide an invaluable service to the young people.

What happens during a placement?

The young person will be provided with their own private room, an evening meal and breakfast the following morning. They will be provided with washing facilities, toiletries and somewhere to wash and dry their own clothing. As well as 24 hour on call support and a listening ear, if needed.

What happens afterwards?

Each day of the placement a member of the Nighstop team will meet with the young person to help them find a longer term solution to their housing need.

Redditch Nightstop logo

Royal Air Force Charitable Trust

The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust's mission is to promote the Royal Air Force, to support its people now and into the future and to encourage air-mindedness and the aviation-related education of youth.

This will be achieved, primarily, through:

The staging of the Royal International Air Tattoo, the Royal Air Force Concerts and other similar activities, and the giving of grants to satisfy the Trust's objectives.

Despite being the youngest member of the Royal Air Force family, the Charitable Trust has had a significant impact on the lives of many people.

Its strength lies in its ability to support such a wide range of projects and initiatives benefitting RAF serving personnel, young people and veterans.

The Trustees award grants to those people and projects that they assess to be most worthy of financial support and most closely aligned to their charitable objectives.

Royal Air Force Charitable Trust logo

Scouts Scotland

We are the largest mixed volunteer-led movement for young people in Scotland.

We want children and young people to love challenges, to be intrigued by mistakes, to enjoy effort and to love learning. We believe adventure provides the perfect vehicle for this. We want to equip our young people with skills for life.

Scouts Scotland logo


The ScoutsCymru Unity Lottery helps give Scouting in Wales a sustainable source of funding. This money is used to support Scout Groups at a local level and to grow and develop Scouting for the future.

ScoutsCymru logo

Transitions UK

Every single penny is needed to help us reach more young people and to help change young lives.

Transitions UK wants to change the lives and futures of young people across the UK. Its something we can't do on our own and we need your help.

When you play the Transitions UK Lottery, we hope you will win - but even if you don't win a prize first time, you'll achieve the satisfaction of knowing that 50p of your £1 stake is going to make a difference in the lives of young people. So if you lose, you still win and if you win, you win double!

By being a regular player of the Transitions UK Unity Lottery you are part of a family of supporters who're helping us change the lives of young people who most need our support.

Transitions UK logo

Urswick Playground Association

All the funds to do this have to be raised by the association and our supporters whose continued help is much appreciated.

Thank You

Urswick Playground Association logo

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