The British Society of Dowsers

Dowsing is a heritage skill, used by man since ancient times. You might have seen drawings of men, usually elderly and bearded, holding a forked stick and using it to find underground water. You may even have seen present day water engineers using L-shaped metal rods to help them find leaking pipes. Both of these are examples of dowsing for water.

But there is much more to dowsing than looking for water and it has many uses in modern life, in gardening, health and wellbeing, archaeology and planning holidays... to name but a few.

Take just a few minutes to learn the basic skills and you will be on your way to a fascinating hobby or possibly a new career.

The British Society of Dowsers was formed in 1933. We provide workshops, courses, events and outings, our journal, Dowsing Today, is published three times a year and we have a network of Affiliated Local Groups providing meetings, outings and a warm welcome for dowsers of all levels of skill.

Membership of our Society provides opportunities to explore the fascinating art of dowsing and to meet interesting, friendly people.

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