Play the Erskine Weekly Lottery for your chance to win up to £25,000 and support our brave Veterans.

Each year nearly 1,000 ex-Servicemen and women call upon Erskine to provide vital care and support, to do this we must raise around £10 million every year.

By playing the Erskine Lottery you’ll be in with the chance of winning incredible cash prizes every week. And what’s more, you’ll be helping to improve the lives of Veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much.

Veterans living in Scotland receive support through our four care homes and our Veterans Village – made up of 44 cottages, an Activity Centre, five Assisted Living Apartments and 24 Transitional Supported Apartments.

We focus on people’s abilities rather than their loss of abilities. With your support, we help Veterans maintain dignity, independence and a quality of life.

Thank you for playing the Erskine Weekly Lottery – we wish you the best of luck in the draw!

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Friends of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum

With the demise of HMS DOLPHIN, the original alma mater of the Submarine Service, in 1998, the Royal Navy Submarine Museum established at Haslar Jetty in the 1980s, has become the natural link with submarine history, stretching back to the beginning of the last century.

Featuring the first Royal Navy submarine Holland 1 and HMS Alliance of WWII vintage, the Museum provides a comprehensive record of the life and times of the Submarine Branch of the Royal Navy.

Well established as a major visitor attraction, the Museum also boasts a significant research facility, with some 50,000 documents, 120,000 photographs, 300 works of art and 800 medals and the collection continues to grow.

The Cost of preserving this important part of our heritage for the future always exceeds the available budget and this is where the Friends make such a vital contribution.

Founded with charitable status in 1995, The Society of Friends has attracted over 700 members and the support of the Hampshire County Council and Gosport Borough Council. With a sound financial base, the Society has an ongoing programme to finance the conservation of photographs and other archive material, enhancing display galleries, staff training and the purchase of submarine related artefacts.

Care is taken that the members' generosity is focused on specific projects to improve the Museum and its collection.

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Fusiliers Aid Society

FAS does exactly what it says - helping our former Fusilier soldiers who bear the physical and mental scars of combat in the service of our country; and to those who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own; or helping them and their families deal with problems stemming from age-related illness or tragic accidents.

Every year, FAS helps over 200 serving and former members of the Fusilier family, distributing over £125,000. But there is always a need for FAS’ services. No case is typical, everyone faces a different problem; and we are now seeing more complex situations that need greater inter-charity liaison to ensure the best outcome.

One of FAS’ greatest strengths is that there are few challenges we haven’t seen – and resolved. And if FAS cannot meet all the needs of a Fusilier, we seek help from our charitable friends, help which is rarely refused. For example, FAS works in close partnership with The Army Benevolent Fund and the other main military charities to draw support from their resources.

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Legion Scotland (Royal British Legion Scotland)

Legion Scotland are here to help veterans, whether they served yesterday or 50 years ago. We support ex-Service men and women and their families in communities across Scotland ranging from advice and support for newly returned veterans to companionship.

We provide a befriending service, a disablement pensions service along with a range of grants to help veterans as they adjust to life after the Forces which is sometimes not easy. However to do this we need your support.

Servicemen and women put their life on the line every day - by playing the Lottery with Legion Scotland you are helping ensure we can continue to provide friendship, advice, support and expand the range of opportunities we provide to make a difference to the lives of Scotland's veterans and their families.

Good luck and thank you.

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Line of Duty

We help members of the armed forces and emergency services personnel in any way we can, with practical, medical and financial help, wherever and whenever we can in the UK. Whether that be through raising awareness, finding treatment, support, or to help raise funds through crowdfunding groups or providing financial donations to the cause.

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Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Benevolent Fund

The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Benevolent Fund supports veterans from the PWRR, known as 'The Tigers' and forebear regiments in times of need by providing financial assistance and advice.

The charity regularly grants payments totalling £150k in direct support to veterans to assist with home appliance replacement, mobility and home adjustments after injury or illness to name a few.

We also look after the members of forebear regiments which is just as important now as many are elderly and require our help. 

Your contribution to this lottery will go a long way to alleviate suffering, stress and worry where money is concerned.

Best of luck!

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Royal Air Force Charitable Trust

The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust's mission is to promote the Royal Air Force, to support its people now and into the future and to encourage air-mindedness and the aviation-related education of youth.

This will be achieved, primarily, through:

The staging of the Royal International Air Tattoo, the Royal Air Force Concerts and other similar activities, and the giving of grants to satisfy the Trust's objectives.

Despite being the youngest member of the Royal Air Force family, the Charitable Trust has had a significant impact on the lives of many people.

Its strength lies in its ability to support such a wide range of projects and initiatives benefitting RAF serving personnel, young people and veterans.

The Trustees award grants to those people and projects that they assess to be most worthy of financial support and most closely aligned to their charitable objectives.

Royal Air Force Charitable Trust logo

Royal Artillery Charitable Fund

Why? Since 1839 we have been helping Gunners in need, both serving and retired and their dependants. Such charitable work is at the very heart of the family regiment and today it continues in ernest. It is vital for the future welfare of the regimental family, with many veterans from the latter hald of the 20th Century, and especially from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan needing help now and in the future.

In the past 15 years the RA Charitable Fund has assisted over 33,000 Gunners and their dependants in need. Donations are a vital source of our income and we are truly appreciative of all the donations we receive.

What does it provide:

The RA Charitable Fund financially supporters all officers and soldiers and their dependants whether serving or retired, widowed or divorced who are in need.

We are here to help all members of the Regimental family in need, whatever the cause and at any time in their lives. There is no geographical limit and we can assist Gunners, Gunner Veterans and their dependants throughout the world.

We provide through eligibility criteria, and based on humanity, reality and flexibility, speedy assistance to all members of the Gunner Family; we judge each case on its own merits.

Royal Artillery Charitable Fund logo

Royal Naval Association

Play the Royal Naval Association (RNA) weekly lottery and support a rank-blind network of serving Veterans and family members of the Royal Navy.
The RNA members, known as Shipmates, range from the new recruits at HMS Raleigh to WW2 Veterans and everyone in between. It is a family and shares the same bonds, mindset, and language; It is the heart and soul of the Royal Navy.
By playing the RNA lottery, you will help the association look out for its shipmate’s families while they are serving and retired, during their highs and lows.
You will be supporting who serve and have served in our Royal Navy and their families. The RNA is proud to represent our Navy, ensuring we never forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
By playing the RNA lottery you not only have the chance to win some fabulous cash prizes, but you will also help enable our network of Welfare Officers who offer support and guidance in times of need.

Royal Naval Association logo

Royal Signals Charity

The charity for serving and retired Royal Signals soldiers and their dependent family. Adding value to Corps life, providing Swift and Sure support for those in need.

Royal Signals Charity logo

Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum

The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Musueum tells the remarkable stories of the soldiers who served in the Gloucestershire Regiments since 1694. The museum houses artefacts from the Napoleonic, First and Second world wars, the Korean war, and conflicts right up to the current day. The museum is also a memorial to those who've served and sacrificed for their country.

By supporting the museum lottery you'll be helping us to:

  • Educate the public, schools and groups on different aspects of military life.
  • Continue to conserve the unique collections of the Gloucestershire Regiment, the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, including the 28th and 61st Regement of the foot, the RGBW and the Rifles.
  • Expand our online digitalised archive to aid researchers across the world including descendants of soldiers.
  • Most inpotantly we will REMEMBER and do so for generations to come with your help.
  • "When you go home and tell them of us and say; for your tomorrow, we gave our today."
Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum logo

The Royal Marines Charity (RMA)

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity gives a lifetime of support to the entire Royal Marines Family.

The Royal Marines Charity (RMA) logo

Veterans' Lifeline

Veterans' Lifeline's mission is to identify, understand and support struggling Veterans in the community and help them to regain a 'Sense of Purpose'. Veterans' Lifeline achieves this by relieving former members of the armed forces and their dependents who are in need by virtue of heir physical or mental health or their economic circumstances.

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