What is a My Lottery Account?

Lottery players can now create an My Lottery Account and access a whole load of information and features! The accounts are personal to each player, and every player can have one.

Do I have to create a My Lottery Account?

No, you do not have to create a My Lottery Account. 

My Lottery Account is in optional feature that lets you manage your lottery membership online. If you would prefer not to manage your lottery membership online, don’t worry you’ll still be able to email us at [email protected] anytime for an update on your account.


How do I create My Lottery Account?

To create your My Lottery Account, all you need to do is visit our online registration page where you can create your My Lottery Account.

You will need to enter your surname, the postcode you signed up to the lottery with and your lottery number. You will then be asked to request a one-time access code by clicking the button, this will send the access code to your email address. That email will give you the next set of instructions to complete the setup of your account.

Once you create your account make sure to save the page to your favourites in your web browser, so it is easy for you to revisit your account anytime you need to.

I need my lottery numbers to create my account, where can I find these?

You will find your lottery numbers at the top of the welcome email/letter that you received when you joined your chosen lottery.

Your lottery number(s) will also be included in the My Lottery Account invitation email that you have received.

If you can’t find your lottery number, email us at [email protected] and we can remind you of what they are.

What if I have more than one lottery number?

If you have more than one lottery number, you will only need to use one of the 6-digit numbers to create your account.

If you play multiple lotteries, you must make sure you are using a lottery number associated with the correct lottery that you are creating your My Lottery Account for.

What if I play multiple Unity lotteries?

That’s no problem, you can create an Online Lottery Account for each lottery that you play.

If you play multiple Unity lotteries, you must make sure you are using a lottery number associated with the correct Unity lottery that you are creating your My Lottery Account.

What can I do in My Lottery Account?

In your My Lottery Account, you can view all the information we hold about you – name, address, contact preferences, plus your active and inactive lottery numbers.

You can also check your payment history and current balance. This lets Direct Debit players see when payments have been deducted from their bank account and allows cheque and debit card players to see when they need top up their balance.

You can also update your address details if you moved to a new house, or request changes to your bank details if you want to change the bank account your Direct Debit comes out of. It gives you full control over your lottery membership!

How do new players get access to their My Lottery Account?

When you join online you will be sent an email inviting you to create your My Lottery Account once your membership is active.

Is My Lottery Account secure?

We have taken every step to ensure the security of players My Lottery Accounts, from the account creation process to the how logins and password resets are handled.

What happens if I forget the password to My Lottery Account?

If you forget your password do not worry, passwords can be reset from the login page – this will initiate a password reset email to be sent to the email address registered to your lottery membership and My Lottery Account.

Can I close My Lottery Account but keep playing?

No, once your My Lottery Account is active the account will remain live until you cancel all live lottery subscriptions.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with the set up or use of My Lottery Account?

Please contact us via email at [email protected] if you have any problems using or accessing your My Lottery Account.

What are the debits in my payment history?

When you pay your Direct Debit or make a payment on your debit card or via cheque, your money is held in your lottery account, and each Friday when the draw takes place £1 for each number you have in the draw is debited from your lottery account and paid into the draw.

The debits will appear in your payment history like this: "Number 580458 entered into Draw ID 1637 on 23/04/2021"

The ‘Number’ refers to your lottery number and the ‘Draw ID’ refers to the ID for that week’s draw.

Why do I have more than one subscription showing in My Lottery Account?

There may be a couple of reasons why you have more than one subscription showing in your My Lottery Account; the first being if you took out additional numbers after you originally signed up to play, the other being if you have previously cancelled one or more of your numbers after you originally signed up to play.

What is the difference between ‘My Numbers’ and ‘My Subscriptions’?

My Numbers refers to the individual lottery numbers you have or have had in the past.

My Subscriptions refers to your payments, you may have more than one number linked to a subscription and you may have multiple subscriptions if you have taken out additional numbers after you originally signed up. Each Subscription is a different regular (Direct Debit) or one-off (debit card/cheque) payment.

Can I take out extra numbers from My Lottery Account?

Yes, just click the ‘Add Another Number’ button on the dashboard and you can take out additional numbers online from this page or email us at [email protected].

Can I check if I have won from My Lottery Account?

Yes, you can check your win history in your My Lottery Account and see how much you have won over time and which of your numbers have been lucky.

Can I change my contact preferences in My Lottery Account?

Yes, just go to ‘My Details’ and you can check your contact preferences and change them on the ‘My Contact Preferences’ page.

Can I cancel my lottery subscription via My Lottery Account?

No, to cancel your lottery subscription please email us at [email protected].

What happens to My Lottery Account if I cancel my subscriptions?

If you decide to cancel you lottery membership your My Lottery Account will be locked and will reactivate if you decide to come back and re-join at a later date.

Why does my password not meet the requirements?

Please ensure that your password meets the following requirements and contains:

  • At least 9 characters
  • One number
  • One lowercase letter
  • One uppercase letter
  • One of the following special characters: ?#@*£%!

If you continue to experience issues with your password, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected]. Please include a screenshot of any error messages on your screen in your email.

Why am I receiving a message that says ‘Sorry, you have been blocked?’

There are some steps that may resolve the issue for you:

  • Please use a different browser.
  • Please use a different device when accessing the website.
  • Please use a different password when creating your account.
  • Ensure that your browser is up to date.
  • Please make sure that you are accessing the website from a UK IP address; please do not use a VPN when creating/accessing your account.

If you continue to experience any issues with this, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected]. Please include a screenshot of any error messages on your screen in your email.

Why am I receiving a message that says ‘Member not found’ or ‘Account not found’ when I try to create an account?

Your entry into the lottery may not have been fully processed by our administration team yet - please check back in a few days, and this issue should be resolved for you.

Alternatively, you may have inputted your information incorrectly when trying to create an account. Please check your information carefully before submitting to ensure that your details match the ones that we have on file for you; to ensure that they are correct, please refer to the details shown on your welcome letter.

Why am I receiving a message that says ‘No Valid Authorisation token for this member’?

If you have received this message, please begin the sign-up process from the beginning to refresh the system. This should fix the issue for you, however, if you continue to experience this issue, please contact us via email at [email protected].

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