Jamaican Elderly Disabled Charitable Trust

Registered Charity No 1186029

Recent policies together known as the 'personalisation agenda' set out a vision where all people who receive social care support will be in charge of their own lives. The number of people aged 65 and over with one or more long time illness or disability will continue to grow significantly. As a result, adult social care faces the ongoing challenge of ensuring that services are designed to meet this increasing demand.

Not all elderly people are looked after by friends and family, and many could use companionship on a regular basis. 

Our charity Jamaican Elderly Disabled Charitable Trust would like to provide companionship for the elderly and disabled in the comfort of their own homes, to coincide with our present plan in Jamaica and express this in the UK; for Jamaican residents who are experiencing exclusion and isolation and cater for their emotional needs.

We will offer: laundry help for those who need assistance with washing, drying, ironing of clothes and linen, organising telephone calls. Elderly people often want to remain in their own homes, but may need assistance due to a disability or activity restriction. 

Community connecting forms a part of support brokerage for people who would benefit from the additional depth and intensity that it offers. The benefit of community connecting is that it can find solutions for people with the most complex needs and reduce reliance on more expensive specialised support. Community connectors work with individuals and the people close to them to find out their strengths and interests. They then link up individuals to opportunities in the area. The key to community connecting is that it goes beyond simply helping people to be in the community. It is about establishing strong, mutually beneficial relationships. To make it happen requires people who are creative and flexible.

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