Child Action Northwest

We were founded over 120 years ago by Scottish philanthropist, James Dixon. He built Blackburn Orphanage in Wilpshire,Blackburn and the building is still in use as the charity's headquarters.

We now look after children by recruiting, training and supporting a team of foster carers as well as providing a wide range of community based services based, entirely, on the needs of disadvantaged children and young people throughout the North West.

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Hunt Saboteurs Association

The HSA is the only organisation that works directly in the field to protect wildlife from the hunters.

Despite the hunting ban in 2005 hunting with hounds continues.

Each week the HSA puts people in the field to protect our native wildlife.

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LIFE believes that women who are faced with a crisis pregnancy should be given as much emotional, practical and financial support - including housing - as is necessary, to support them throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

LIFE shows confidence in young people and strives to empower them with a true sense of their self-worth and a full appreciation of the importance of loving, stable and faithful relationships.

We do this through our three core services:

  • LIFE Housing provides accommodation and a full support service for pregnant women and unsupported mothers aged between 16-25 years in the UK.
  • LIFE Education provides young people with up-to-date, evidence-based information and inspires students to think for themselves on issues such as relationships, abortion, sexual health, medical ethics and other related topics.
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Rotary Club of Wakefield Trust

The Rotary Club of Wakefield is one of the oldest clubs in the country celebrating its centenary in 2021. Having dedicated itself to helping a wide range of social organisations and individuals either with funds and/or practical support throughout Walkefield, the club's great advantage is the flexibility and speedy reaction with which it can respond to emergencies locally or overseas. Rotary is not tied to giving help to just one cause on a permanent basis and can prioritise according to need.

Over the years the club has helped the blind, deaf, disabled and those with ill health. Many community groups have been supported, among them food banks, hospices, and young people's organisations.

In particular the club has financed the provision of defibrillators in key locations for public use. The acquisition and funding of Admiral Nurses who care for sufferers of dementia and their carers has been a major achievement.

Education also receives help. This includes personal assistance to improve reading skills, encouragement to play chess so useful in developing cognitive skills, and the provision of dictionaries.

The club provides grants to teenagers who take part in projects overseas, and organises technology tournaments for schools and young chef competitions.

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SPUC Scotland

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Scotland is a pro-life lobby and education group which provides information and support to those seeking to protect vulnerable life from conception to natural death.

SPUC Scotland believes in the right to life of every individual, as enshrined in the International Declaration of Human Rights, and works to uphold that right for every human being regardless of their physical or mental characteristics or particular stage of life development.

SPUC was establised in 1967 as a direct response to the Abortion Act being introduced in the UK and since then has operated largely as a parliamentary pressure group, monitoring the actions of government and campaigning in favour of the protection of life from threats of abortion, euthanasia and human cloning.

Today, SPUC Scotland monitors pro-life interests at both Holyrood and Westminster. It is active in parliamentary election campaigns and in raising awareness of pro-life issues and views and voting intentions of candidates. It also provides information on pro-life issues through a regular newspaper, leafleting campaigns, the internet and by addresing public meetings and hosting annual conferences.

Education is also central to the work and vision of SPUC Scotland. Only through our numerous education programmes, which are all based in scientific fact, can we hope to change the hearts and minds of society and the laws by which it is governed.

SPUC Scotland is a democratic organisation run for and by pro-life supporters throughout the country. In addition to the branch structure of supporters there is also a youth programme to help inform young people about pro-life issues. All of this work is not only important but vital as the right to life is the first and most fundamental of all human rights and the one on which all others depend.

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The League Against Cruel Sports

The League is Britain's leading animal charity working to stop animals being abused and killed for 'sport'. 

We investigate and expose law-breaking and cruelty, work to change attitudes and behaviour through education, campaign for stronger laws and penalties and manage sanctuaries which protect wildlife.

The League's aim is to create a kinder society where persecuting animals for 'sport' is a thing of the past.

By entering our League Lotto you will ensure that you are giving animals the voice they deserve as well as being in with a chance to win £25,000 every week. 

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Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation

The Foundation was founded by the parents of 12-year old Tim Parry and supported by the parents of three year old Johnathan Ball. Tim and Johnathan were tragically killed as a direct result of the IRA's bombing of Warrington in March 1993.

We support victims of terrorism to rebuild their lives.

Bombing attacks are well planned and targeted, but who they affect is indiscriminate of age, background, ethnicity or faith. Victims are isolated in their communities, often with no form of support, particularly in the longer term. We support survivors of acts of terror and politically motivated violence such as the 7/7 London bombings, Sharm el Sheikh and the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles'. We bring survivors together to share their experiences and support each other's welfare. Through this process we enable them to overcome their trauma and use their experience positively within their own lives and wider community.

We support those who risked their lives to keep us safe

Every year the Foundation supports veterans, police, ambulance and fire & rescue personnel. Many are traumatised by what they have witnessed while undertaking their professional duties on behalf of their communities. We work with them to provide the skills to overcome trauma and to use such experiences in a positive way. We are the only UK organisation doing this vital work.

We support young people to turn away from violence

We work with young people throughout the UK who are at risk of extreme behaviour or are engaged in race or faith based conflict. We work with them to challenge their misconceptions and break the cycle of violence.

We support communities by challenging prejudice and discrimination

The Foundation is tackling key issues affecting society today - prejudice, discrimination and violence within and between communities. We help by bringing together conflicting community groups, enabling them to develop a mutual understanding and the skills to bring change for themselves and the community at large.

Why we need your help

Terrorism affects more people than you think. There were 8,400 terrorist incidents worldwide in 2013 and we are the only UK charity that provides such a unique range of services to support those affected by conflict, political violence and terrorism. We want to grow our offering and develop our capabilities but need to raise more than £600,000 a year to continue with our important work. It is the generosity of our supporters that keeps us going so your participation in our Unity Lottery can make a big difference.

Thank you for your support.

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