Cyclists Fighting Cancer

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About your Good Cause

Cyclists Fighting Cancer, launched in 2005, provides a unique and highly effective way of helping kids with cancer throughout activity and exercise. The effects of the disease and associated treatment regimes are numerous; amputations, balance issues, physical weakness, coordination difficulties and lack of self-esteem are just some of the most common side effects.

Enabling a child to ride a bike or specially adapted trike has many benefits; both physical (improved strength, balance and fitness) and emotional (greater confidence and self-esteem). It helps with social re-engagement and rebuilds relationships with friends and peers. It is quality time with family members and an opportunity to build happy memories.

CFC works closely with oncology units at the children’s hospitals around the country, regularly visiting these units to make bike and trike applications with families and children. We receive referrals from healthcare terms and other charities working with children with cancer. We also receive applications via our website.

We operate totally on the kind support of the public and cyclists doing bike rides around Britain and across the world. All monies donated make a huge difference to our total fundraising effort and ultimately to the number of children affected by cancer that we support. 

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The promoter of this Unity Lottery is Mike Grisenthwaite, Cyclists Fighting Cancer, Eversfield, Shipston Road, Alderminster, CV37 8NY

Registered with Stratford Upon Avon District Council

Registration Number GA05 SDG 660309