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The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre is a local independent charity that exists to improve the quality of life for people with Multiple Sclerosis in Berkshire and the surrounding areas. To do this we offer a range of therapies and counselling for people affected by MS. Our support is not just for them, but for their families, friends and carers.

The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre is an independent local charity providing beneficial therapies, information and practical support to people with MS throughout Berkshire and the surrounding area. Our aims are threefold, we aim to improve the quality of life for people with MS, to promote self-help and encourage a positive attitude and finally to maintain and develop a centre of excellence providing beneficial therapies, information and practical support to help people with MS, their families and carers.

Multiple Sclerosis is, as yet an incurable and unpredictable disease that affects the Central Nervous System, and like all chronic illnesses, the problems are both physical and emotional. The therapies we provide, which include physiotherapy, oxygen therapy and counselling, are aimed at managing the symptoms of the illness and dealing with the emotional difficulties that come with it, therefore enabling people to live more positive and independent lives.

One of the therapies we provide is physiotherapy and recent research evidence has demonstrated the benefit that physiotherapy can give to people with MS, whatever the age the patient is treated. This has certainly been confirmed by experience of the staff at the Therapy Centre. Regular, ongoing physiotherapy benefits not only the patient's functioning, but also their self esteem and morale, both of which are essential to maintaining their quality of life.




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