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Arrive Alive provides support to the NHS ambulance service and Air Ambulances by providing paramedics and CFR’s (Community First Responders) with rapid response vehicles. The vehicles will be used to assist with category ‘A’ calls which are classed as serious life threatening emergencies such as; cardiac arrest, unconscious and collapsed patients, chest pains, breathing difficulties, diabetic emergencies, fitting or convulsions, stroke and anaphylaxis. As CFR’s are contacted by Ambulance control and asked to attend emergencies within their area the types of terrains can vary greatly from dealing with standard roads to dealing with rural terrains which will require various types of vehicles. Arrive Alive will also provide additional apparatus to paramedics and CFR’s such as defibrillators which will be used to provide CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) also additional oxygen canisters as well as other necessary apparatus.  

The outcome of the appeal will be to provide vehicles to communities across the United Kingdom which will enable reduced waiting times for emergency medical treatment. It will also enable patients to be transported to hospitals accident and emergency departments more efficiently rather than waiting longer periods of time to receive essential live save saving treatment. If you would like to support Arrive Alive please contact us at or via our Twitter page @Arrive_AliveUK or via telephone on 0345 504 8787.

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