The Wolfpack Project

Registered Charity No 1184390

The Wolfpack Project is a new, ambitious charity dedicated to reducing loneliness & social isolation amongst younger people & adults.

What We Do:

Provide our members with one-to-one support through our Buddy Scheme. Identify the loneliest in society and help support them to engage in activities/hobbies, pursue their interests, attend events and access the one-to-one support of our Buddy Scheme.

We plan of develop a ‘’Wolfpack’’ group in our hometown of Nottingham - and thereafter across the UK - in which members can socialise with a wide-range of people who are also looking to grow their friendship and support networks.

Take away message? We’re different! We recognise that each and every one of us will have experienced loneliness and social isolation at some point in our lives (and we all need to talk about it more!). We’re here to promote increased social contact and a deeper connection with the members of the community around us.


  • More than nine million people in the UK say they always or often feel lonely (Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness)
  • 1 in 4 student have mental healths problems (77% of which have depression, and 74% have anxiety) (YouGov)
  • Nearly half (46%) of UK students feel lonely during their time at university compared to 32% globally (HESA)
  • People aged 16-24 are three times more likely to feel lonely than those aged over 65 (Office of National Statistics)
  • 42% of British people say they don't have a single friend at work

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