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About your Good Cause

Join us and help raise the final £250,000 to build our New Deaf Academy.

When a child is born or becomes Deaf it has an enormous impact. Imagine growing up and not being able to communicate, or have the basics of language to help you make sense of the world around you. If you can't understand anyone or make yourself heard you feel isolated and for many Deaf children, this is an everyday reality.

The Deaf Academy is a charity that provides specialist education and care to Deaf children and young people, teaching them the gift of language. We pride ourselves in teaching our visual learners a rich curriculum in both British Sign Language (BSL) and English, giving our children the gift of language and the ability to make themselves heard. We enable them to communicate with others - their mum, dad, brothers, sisters and friends. Our support allows them to develop educationally and emotionally and lead fulfilling and independent lives.

But, we do this in crumbling, outdated buildings which inevitably limits the difference we can make for our Deaf young people. The New Deaf Academy, will deliver world-class education and residential care facilities that our inspiring students deserve.  They believe they can achieve anything. With your support, the New Deaf Academy will mean that there is no limit to their ambitions.


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